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    Uk Product Variants

    anyone know a good place to get plastidip or a UK equivalent? massively in need :P
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    Fan Film - Operation Chastity - 405Th Related Information

    best answer to any question EVER!
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    Dawn Under Heaven - Fan Film

    looking good so far buddy...i'll be keeping an eye on this fan film!
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    Odst Tarkov Build

    damn man this is one hell of a good build! id love to troop with ya one day when this is done and my marines done!
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    Fan Film - Operation Chastity - 405Th Related Information

    im in agreement! ive been waiting for this with bated breath for a looooooong while! i cant wait to see it done! :)
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    Beaky Space Marine Wip

    fair play this is one hell of a thread! right this is the low down here...2009 games day i go dressed as a cadian tank commander (terrible costume...way too low key...i looked like i was just wearing a lot of tan with a few badges on my chest :pi think most people didnt even realise i was in...
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    Warhammer 40K

    dude if dan is scripting it you KNOW its gonna be incredible! he was born to write 40k! that is gonna be awsome!
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    Fan Film - Operation Chastity - 405Th Related Information

    awsome! thats looking amazing! deffinitly waiting for the casting call with bated breath! haha
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    Halo 3 Odst Fan Made Live Action Short Film

    that was awsome bro! loving the ghillie odst that is something ive been thinking about for my marine (when its done :p) looks badass man well done!
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    My Odst Helmet And Armor Update On Pg 13 Wip

    link dude! your odst is looking freakin awsome! cant wait to see this complete!
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    finnaly my marine!

    dont have to worry about the $#!Tless wonder any more lol we fell out over his ex....long crappy story...but the ending is...we dont get one...punches were shirtlesness hehe but cheers spaero....hopefully i'll get some feedback on my marine armour soon lol
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    finnaly my marine!

    i have a test fitting for this armour a week today! will get some pics of me in it and post em up here
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    All Ghillied Up

    thats a god point! whens the last time an invisble marine bumped into you in H3 lol seriosuly...even if active camos were issued to marines the snipers would probably still wear ghillie just out of sheer inability to carry the amount of AC's needed to keep them camo'd in the field for long...
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    All Ghillied Up

    ok first off......holy cow that artwork is now my desktop background....thats the ultimate awsome sauce.... second camo is good....if you need quick bursts of camo....but a sniper team needs to be camoflauged for hours...days...weeks...however long they are in the field...ghillie...
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    Got Banned

    see this is why i love halo once while playing on my m8s xbox we went in on a game and i used one of the spare XBL accounts on his box....when pwning people i got ripped guy even sed "yeah well if i was good and i made a new account so i could kick peoples asses id kick your...