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    Your Top 5

    1) SOCOM: FTB2 2) Call of Duty 4 3) Metal Gear Solid 3 and Halo 3 haha 4) Zelda series 5) Super Mario Bros
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    Props M4 Modification

    Actually, having met the gentleman in the photo above, the gun is very much real. He is the owner of airsoft extreme, and that is his hello kitty xm8. He even has pink camo to go with it. So please dont come to a conclusion so fast if you dont know the facts.
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    Lots of Molded Helmets

    Wow. your collection is kinda bare. You should get some more helmets.. Jeeze holy crap, how much money do you have? Are you a secret agent for the US government??? Haha anyways, nice collection though!
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    Rubies Armor - Finally coming available.

    The armor actually doesnt look too bad for starter armor. I know a bunch of people in the 501st that have gotten those $1000 rubies darth vaders and modded them to hell and back. However, I do understand that they paid that much for it because they dont have the resources like some of our...
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    Legendary Armor – Mark VI Master Chief Helmet Progress

    Honestly, I dont know personally how brutal it is over there where you work, but I know I would enjoy propmaking and be 100% dedicated to it. How much does it pay? If you dont mind.
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    Would this be a good first car?

    I say go for it man! If you can afford the gas the go ahead and get it. After all my car eats gas for breakfast lunch and dinner. Its like 15 mpg. My aunt has a jeep and its pretty reliable. She has had it for like 8 years now and it runs better than ever. But if you cannot cough up any...
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    NZ-TK/Sigma Hayabusa Helm

    Wow, I have never liked a hayabusa helmet until now! Good job on the helmet man.
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    Reynolds = Good ... Smooth-On = Bad

    Its in dallas :rolleyes :cautious:
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    Unofficial FAQ

    Arbiter452, Writing like that on these forums shows immaturity. When I was younger, I didnt even spell check. I just typed shorthand everything like "lol tht was so funny dude"
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    pictures of my First armor project

    It looks really nice! I love the paintjob.
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    Legendary Armor – Mark VI Master Chief Helmet Progress

    Wow! its looking really good!
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    My friend died...

    I am truly sorry for his loss. I know what it feels like to lose a close friend. I lost a very close friend due to an unknown illness in the 4th grade.
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    MLC's journey to becoming MC!

    I dont know what he uses, but I use carnauba wax. 20 layers should do both on the plug, and mold. Wait 15 minutes after each coat of wax. You also rub wax on. And if you dont want your gelcoat to stay sticky, if you apply PVA mold release, not only do the models literally pop out with ease, but...
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    Does this brand of clay work?

    Van Aken is a great brand to use. I use it all the time, its just like the same clay that BR uses.
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    Unofficial FAQ

    Haha, well 40 gallons is alot, but I usually like to buy in bulk so I have alot in case I need more and more.