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    Halo Movie?! Wait It's Just...battle Planet?

    Yeah, BUNGIE couldn't sue even if they wanted to.. They arent using the Halo name or halo armor.. But I agree, I have been waiting for 3 years just for every year for it to get delayed! I don't think they will make it as much as we would all love to see it. I'm not looking at the downside, I am...
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    New Achievements In Halo 3

    O.o a fake? Possibly?
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    Bungie Teaser Trailer

    After much research about this message at BNet and other sites with a forum about this. It most likely has something to do with TU2 or something like "Dawn" I am unsure at the moment what "Dawn" is but according to the posters @ BNet, it's something big because all I've been seeing is "OMG THE...
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    Pepakura Helmet Done Finnally

    Nah dude, you didnt deserve the harsh criticism from some idiot like that. At least you understand that you do need to make improvements. YOU HEAR THAT ZEN AND FINNISH? YOU CAN STOP BEATING HIM NOW.
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    Do You Believe In Ghosts?

    I have an encounter. Ok, after watching the movie "White Noise" It tells you how you can communicate with ghosts in areas you think presently have a presence. Ok, well, at work, we use walkie talkies to communicate, well I noticed in one apartments laundry room (and only this one) my walkie...
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    Pepakura Helmet Done Finnally

    Yes, tutorials are very important in starting/remaking a project. When in doubt double check with a tutorial from someone you know is experienced! Good Luck!
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    Pepakura Helmet Done Finnally

    He may be trusted, but obviously he has a history if he had a warning level of 100% And Zen, back out of this, no one asked for you to get involved, Im just saying lighten up on the kid, he didnt do a good job, so what? He is proud of it at that is what counts, and I dont give a flying...
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    Pepakura Helmet Done Finnally

    lmao! Harsh much? I mean, we can all clearly see that he has mistakes, but you don't have to bash them in his face, if he is proud with what he did, SO BE IT! Not everyone is perfect, if thats all the kid has, then leave him alone, enough of the tormenting, your biggest mistake was saying the...
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    you know you play too much halo when...

    .when every time you parents asks where you are going, you reply with "To give the covenant back their bomb.." .when you sit in the shotgun seat of your car, you sit on the head and have one foot on the dash .when every time you GET OUT of your car you yell "lock and load!" .when every time...
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    My Armor

    Nice dude, a few simple mistakes here and there, but nothing a little elbow grease cant fix :) Nice ringtone btw.
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    Halo College Humor Video

    Wow, that was good, I wish they would have made it a little longer though...
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    splinter cell NEW UPDATE !!!

    Nice dude!! It would be awesome if you would replace the green circles with like green see-thru plastic and add some green LED lights behind the green plastic to make it look like the NVG's (Night Vision Goggles) are turned on.
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    Halo 4?

    No, Bungie already announced that their newest game is not going to be a halo, and in an interview i read on the internet (Ill try and link it) Bungie pretty much said "When we said Conclusion to the Halo Trilogy, we meant it."
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    Please pray for me

    You will be in my prayers =] I've gone through many depression spells, I know what your going through.
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    halo 3 co-op (live action)

    Wow, that was awesomely funny!