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    take some kind of clear plastic and then go to walmart or somethin and go to the car detail department. over by the sporting goods in alot of them. there should be window tint in one of the aisles. get one that is 2.5 or 5%. it's the darkest there is. you can see out but they can't see in...
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    Halo 3 Legendary Edition

    i preordered mine from and they don't bill you till it ships.
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    Bungie Helmet: Real Version

    even if it didn't have that rectangle shape on the inside i still couldn't wear it because my head is like 1.5 - 2 times that big based on the pic with the 360 controller
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    what do you think

    i plan on doing something a lot like what berzerker is doing here
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    what do you think

    i had thought about doing molded foam/plastic then covering that but i'm not that advanced in the ways of molding. I want to do the pep thing with the cardstock then coat that with fiberglass and put cusions on the inside of pretty much every peice of armor cept feet and hands. in my head it...
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    Possible base for MC helmet

    that looks cool
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    Nerf Dart Gun to Halo pistol

    the modded longshot looks SWEET! battle rifle almost looks like it could be held by a spartan trying to kill you :shock:
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    Props Spartan Laser has begun!!

    w00t. can't wait to see progress pics and final product.
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    Possible base for MC helmet

    yeah. the elite helmet
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    i'm thinkin bout making mine that whitish greyish greenish color from the starry night commercial. looks pretty sweet.
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    Possible base for MC helmet

    :shock: do you know if there are pictures of that..sounds cool
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    Starting my Samus Aran Project...

    good luck man. post pics of the process if you get the chance..i'd like to see it
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    Possible base for MC helmet

    I was screwing around with some ideas and my paintball mask came to mind: Don't know if any of ya'll would like to use it. it's a brass eagle. might be a completely stupid idea. not really thinking that coherently. kinda tired.
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    Child Size MC

    i have 3 brothers: 16, 7, 4. i'm 18. We could be a spartan posse woot. gotta cousin who's 7 who'd die to be included to lol. take a hella long time to make 5 suits though.