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  • yup same here that is really why i am here, just one day i was wondering if people have every made halo armor so i looked it up and found the 405th =D
    yup, i got the og xbox the day it came out, my stepmom and my dad got it just for halo and i got the 360 when it came out also, just for halo 3
    yup i am so excited to get it fixed, i haven't played for over a week =( it is so hard right now man i want to play really badly
    yeah hopefully, i would be fixing the xbox myself but i don't have everythiong to fix it yet, i will be getting that stuff next weekend and i will have it fixed and ready to play within like 2 hours or so =D
    hey man, thanks for adding me on xbox, if you go on and see that i'm not on, it is because my xbox got the rrod for the second time, and when i say if you get on and i'm not on, that means that i am pretty much on alot cause i just got xbox live so i think it is really fun =D well thanks
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