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    Found something Useful!

    First off, Hey everybody its been awhile! I have no idea if this is new or not but I think its going to help make accurate Reach models. you need a steam account to log in.
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    Internet Use Survey For Engl 102

    So I am writing a paper about the Internet and how and or why it should be controlled, as part of my paper I would like some original responses to my topic, to best keep your responses anonymous I have created an online survey here please take it honestly and completely if you would like...
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    Comuter Systems For Master Chief Suit

    I would suggest using a mark V suit because there is that big area on the back. also I would suggest getting a mother board with integrated graphics so that you don't have to have a large card. something like this link link link link it is not nearly as powerful as you wanted but it is...
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    Modern Warfare 2 Ghost Setup

    for the glasses I thought about these link they would be great to airsoft and look the part as for gloves link The basic design is similar: black on the knuckles and fingers, tan every were else
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    Spartans In 'halo: Reach'

    I was just thinking, that even though these are spartan IIIs, the mark 4 armor is now more available in a "used" format since all the spartan IIs were upgraded to mark 5 right beforehand. This thinking makes me feel a little more at ease. Also it is possible that noble team consists of other...
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    Spartans In 'halo: Reach'

    I found some leaked scans of said magazine, all of it seems to be confirmed. However I was not able to read anything on the SIII part. never mind just did (more angry) I am thoroughly displeased. way off of cannon.
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    War Machine Armor. Iron Man 2 The Movie

    Here is a full 1080p screen shot I took from the trailer
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    Modern Warfare 2 (Ghost's Balaclava Skull Mask)

    I don't know about you guys, but this is the best replica I have seen so far. true the material is a little off, but the design is the closest I have seen.
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    Halo 3: Odst - Pepakura Armor

    you are correct, but there is not a mickey one yet.
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    Ghost (Modern Warfare)

    bleach sounds like a better alternative to paint, also I updated my thread with some things that I have found.
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    Modern Warfare 2 Ghost Setup

    I see some interest has built back up, it just so happens that I have done quite a bit more search. this is a RRV by blackhawk, the arpat variant is very close to what ghost has, the bib folds down btw...
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    Spartans In 'halo: Reach'

    you know it would make a lot of sense for the game to start before reach was attacked, gives you a lot more game-play other than "defend the generators"
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    Who Wants Free Signatures?

    These are really good, and there free too! If you could, some variation of this would be cool and have "Spawn Camp3r" in 8pt font on the bottom left. just white with black outline.
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    Spartans In 'halo: Reach'

    To sum up about the Lt. Issue 1 is rank. Kurt and Fred are the only two [finding sources] Spartans to ever be promoted to officers and John the only one to receive MCPO. This new Lt. in Halo: Reach would contradict the previous statement. Issue 2 is location. If all the Spartans where in...
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    Reach Kukri Wip

    It looks a bit small this is a good size reference