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    Props M6C/socom Conversion Kit (Lots Of Pics)

    As an avid airsofter your mod really intrigues and impresses me. Keep up the good work man. Once you get it totally finished you should see about posting a video of it up in action. None the less, great work.
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    Second Pep Build, Also A Wip

    Great job, especially for one of your first builds. I just started a thread yesterday and I have a couple of ODST helmets in it as well. I'm not using the same file, but it looks like you did an amazing job, especially considering you're a beginner. Keep up the good work man.
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    Specter And Friend's Odst

    This is the third one from today. It's the second time I helped build one though. I can already see how time consuming this hobby is, but I'm already addicted from just trying this little bit out. Hopefully towards the end of the week we'll have some resining/fiberglassing pictures.
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    Specter And Friend's Odst

    That's what we figured, we were hoping that was the case. Thanks for the compliment. Hopefully we'll have some more to post up soon.
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    Specter And Friend's Odst

    Well, I trolled the forums a while before I joined and around a week or so ago I joined up and made a post or two. Finally, this weekend me and some friend's decided to get together and start our build. Like I said in the description, it's our first, and my first time doing anything like this so...
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    New Recruit Orientation Video

    Great video with some very informative stuff for the newer guys like myself. Most of it is common forum knowledge, but I did learn some stuff specifically about the 405th. Thanks for taking the time to make it.
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    Introduce Yourself

    I've been trolling the sight for about a week, and now I've finally decided to join up. The work you guys do is amazing, I hope to join in with yall very soon... Name: Corbin Profession: High School Student Age: 17 Favorite Hobby: Airsoft Favorite part of halo: I love the story line...