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    Left 4 Dead 2

    glad some of its in daytime :). still, i dont know if this game really is going to appeal to me all that much. this got announced just a while after the first came out. it seemed too fast. so it made me mad that i would buy left for dead. then wait out for a couple months for a newer version...
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    Star Wars: The Old Republic

    KOTOR was so good, i played both of em, 1 and 2. dark side on both. great game, looking forward to this by a long shot. just the trailer pulls me in. so many dark jedi! :eek :cool
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    Crackdown 2

    loved the first one :) even though it had so many glitches most of the time (for me at least...) i had the most decked out character, max on all stats.. then something happened, corrupt profile i think, and i had to start all over. Didnt get too far though. still, im not going to let the first...
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    New Odst Action Figures

    is anyone pre-ordering the game? i am, DEFIANTLY, you get Sgt Johnson as a character in firefight if you do. which will be awesome. speaking of that, i cant wait for firefight, its gonna be an awesome new way to play.
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    Kid Who Made Halo Armor

    you know i was thinking that, and i was gonna say somthing.. but i didnt want to jump to conclusions lol but yeah
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    Warhammer 40k

    im sure alot of people play warhammer40k here right? well if you do i was going to make this topic to see if people wanted to share pics of there armies i personally play chaos (hoping people know what that is lol) but yeah like i said feel free to talk about and put up pics about 40k ill have...
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    Veritech017's Weta Odst

    wow that looks awesome! cant wait to see more
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    Kid Who Made Halo Armor

    this is like the kid "fartbuttface" on youtube.... made phenomenal armor out of cardboard, then everyone cheered him on to use pepakura and he ended up trying it and in his video it turned out horrible... he said he made the chest peice, left shoulder (or right i cant remember), and a helmet in...
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    Complete Noob List

    wow... that was a LONG and very helpful list haha i can tell im going to come back to this soon :D
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    Finished My New G1 Optimus Prime Suit

    haha i guess so :p
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    Finished My New G1 Optimus Prime Suit

    wow.... who would have known optimus prime was a pimp... lol ahha
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    Help Need Website For Armor Files

    *AHEM* gonna be closed topic in about 4 minutes *AHEM* :p
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    Construx Recon Helmet **now With Added Pictures!**

    k?... sooooo how is it going to fit your head?
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    Construx Recon Helmet **now With Added Pictures!**

    uh?? whats are you making that out of?? legos? why not pep?
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    Halo 4 What I Would Like, Dream With Me Here.

    lol yeah halo 3 expansion ftw anyways, cant wait for that oh and ill be sending my xbox in tomorrow to get fixed (W00T xbox live again!) :p :p