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    My first build - Halo 3 Master Chief

    Ok I gotta ask - how DID you do this? I've modded a XBOne Kinect to work with my PC (for unrelated VR full body motion stuff). I'd love to see a tutorial on this! :)
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    Super new to this stuff need help!!

    Have you considered either 3d printing it or making it out of eva foam? I'd highly recommend the eva foam route. I've wore a muckle armor and a foam based armor... the foam was SO much more comfortable. Editing to add: Also, instead of a helmet, I'd suggest starting small.. maybe a handplate or...
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    Build progress

    Haha, I totally didn't realize it said "Makin' Games" on it. Thanks! I've got the first couple of layers on most of the armor now. It's a very nice light red :)
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    Build progress

    It's coming along! Hopefully today I'll be able to start painting it up ;) I had a 2 week deadline (less than a week now D:), but have made phenomenal progress, especially given how busy I am with other things. Halo Outpost is so close I can smell it.. and it smells like little bits of sanded...
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    My first build - Halo 3 Master Chief

    Very cool! My father has a 3d printer that doesn't get used too much, and has been encouraging me to make some use of it. I've been wearing suits since around 2009, and the idea of just printing a suit has been in the back of my mind since 3d printers came out. After seeing this.... i may just...
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    Rooster Teeth Expo

    Yo 405th! Who all is heading over to Austin, TX for RTX? I'd like to get a Red vs. Blue themed costuming group together before then, and make a huge impression! I'd like to have each of the main characters from the series, plus some of the extras if we can get enough members to show up. Main...
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    Jun's Suit (WIP)

    Taking another stab at the pepakura scene :) Since I absoluetly hate peping, I've commissioned soul_drinker to do the pep for me, and I'm using that as a base to create Jun's armor. So far, I have the helmet and have been working quite a bit on it. I'm in around 30hrs or so on it, and it's...
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    Comic Con 2011 Registration Information

    Zonbi and I both got our tickets. We look forward to going :)
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    405th at Sandiego comicon?

    Zonbi and I will be going, so long as the tickets don't sell out before we can get them. We've had the money ready in the bank since the first registration day, but they keep going down.
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    Why is my armor like this?

    Try using imageshack to upload a picture, or tinypic. That way we can help tell you what went wrong, how to prevent it, and possibly how to fix it.
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    405th at Dragoncon 2010 Video

    I loved the flood plushie! It was very interesting, and I hadn't seen one before. Nice work! :) Also, This: Thanks John for the video :)
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    Leekegan Halo Reach Sniper

    I've seen his work first hand, and I have to say.. it's a piece of art. Wonderful work, Lee.
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    Dragon*Con 2010 Picture Thread

    Thanks! And yes, that is an energy Sword. It's Sean Bradley's.... a wonderful piece of art!
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    Dragon*Con 2010 Picture Thread

    Words cannot describe how much fun I had at D*Con 2010. You guys that came made it well worth the trip. Expect us back next year.. we're definitely coming! HUGE thanks to ALL the 405th members for making this possible, and being so much fun. Dreads, that breakfast we had Sunday morning was...
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    Dragon*con 2010 Parade Planning & Information

    Ahha! Good news! I was able to get off on Friday, so I'll be coming to the Friday meeting AND be able to make the parade. Got to get some last minute adjustments in, and we'll be making the trip from Memphis early Friday morning. (We as in Zonbi and I). Looking forward to meeting everybody!