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    Location Shout Outs: Unity

    This is a great idea FORUM NAME: Watcher in the Darkness NAME: Hunter LOCATION: Texas, Cypress(near Houston) SKILLS: pepakura, drawing, painting, lights and random doo hickies that go on armor. STATUS: Rookie
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    Master Fett's Armor Progress

    umm he hasnt been on in forever
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    Official pepakura scaling thread

    ummm how do u scale in the new version 3 pepakura?
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    My Recon

    So now its stlylish and bullet-proof! lol
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    Warthog Pep Built

    i cant figure out which link works on the costume wiki it goes to the home page of the websites.
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    Warthog Pep Built

    where did you find that file? i want to make it fit my Traxxas Slash RC :D