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    Eod Thoughts?

    thats what im doing I went to 5 and below and found a pair of orange mired sunglasses and when my helmut is ready to have them installed I will just use my dermal tool to cut them into shape. good luck
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    Soft Parts Under Armor Gel

    I don't know if this helps but I saw this on youtube a while ago but I think you could this as the Bullet proof stuff in your armor its better than standard military armor and it can cover a lot more of you and it can stand up to more bullets at a time
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    Finally Finished

    Hey thanks for all the suggestions but heres a little info on my helmut its on normal Printer paper because cardsotck jams my printer. and right now i don't have enough money to go out and buy the proper type of printer but really the only warping in the helmut near the eyes but thats about...
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    Finally Finished

    After a long time of me going on vacation, work, having my camera stolen i have finally finished my EOD helmut and its ready to start fiberglassing this friday. comments and advice is very welcome
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    Halo 3 Audio Secret Messages

    that is creepy like woah
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    Large Neck (with Pics Now)

    ok slight dramatization Im probably gonna add alot of padding and what not but for now i need to get fiberglass cloth unless you don't need it (do you need it?)
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    Large Neck (with Pics Now)

    so I put together my EOD helmut and its all ready to be fiberglassed everything looks great but i have a problem the part that goes around my neck is way to big, like we are talking 6 extra inches of unneeded space, Ive tried the search button and nothing came up so i was just wondering if any...
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    you know you play too much halo when...

    -When you pretend you are Master Chief when playing paintball, airsoft, ect. (don't know if its been done yet)
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    My First Attempt

    the right side looks lopsided (or maby its stand is crooked):/
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    Paper Help

    Im about to get started on EOD or QCB helmet but i don't want to use normal printer paper to print out the Php files on so could anyone recommend a better type of paper ,that will fit in a normal HP printer ,to do this on and where can i get it?