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  • I can't model stuff. I never could. I can only unfold, but I am working on sooo many projects for another website that I don't really have the time to sit and try to unfold something.
    hey, just to let you know, i have never designed any files, or even unfolded any. i hope you find someone that does though! (p.s if you thought i did make files because i said that i made my own blueprints for my odst, all i did was draw shapes that would fit together, so nothing huge.)

    (p.p.s i don't have those blueprints anymore)
    I have no current projects. At least nothing that I am currently building anyway. I am just working on editing some of the existing files as best as I can to include detail that was never originally added and am going to make the pep file so that they can be more easily used as templates for when I start making my armor out of foam.
    I bought that head on ebay actually. It's just a foam wig makers head. Try your local thrift store or antique shop as well.
    haha, i did a whole shitload of work on my odst project in the first 2 weeks, but haven't touched it since... lol
    \/ i usually find it easier without edge id \/ btw james, i was just reading through your jun thingy, and i was wondering, howzat goin? also, i feel sad, i havent been on in a while so i think some ppl may hae forgotton me lol
    In order to make the numbers appear, at the top of pepakura click on 2D menu and then click on show edge ID. That will put the numbers on the pieces. The numbers are not there to begin with because when I unfold files, I don't include them because there are so many numbers that it causes pepakura to slow down for me. Plus I will sometimes pep without the numbers. :p
    It is Kelly from The Package. I just photoshopped it so it has different colors than the original screen cap.
    Ik what you mean, I've done the same thing! N yeah AceNat is awesome, she's helped me sooo much with my Kat build. I don't have much to show for it yet (been busy with Reach... and work :() but SOON! Soon I will have enough done to finally make an update on my thread lol
    its where you spend a couple bucks extra so if the game ever gets scratched by accident, you can take it back and the store replaces it for you.
    we have them over here in australia, its like $5 on top of the game price and lasts 3 years :)
    Please tell me you got a scratch guarantee with the game!! Or else you'll have to buy a new one..
    Just keep on practicing, you'll get one done the way you want it. You know what they say, to become good at some thing you need to put in 10,000 hrs.
    about the modelling stuff, you will need an actual 3d modelling program: 3ds max, maya, blender etc.. there are a few out there.
    and im afraid you wernt the 100th visitor messenger! cr1tterp0wer was! :p
    i'll have to email in a minute as my internet is being slow tonight, is it not something i can answer through here? :)
    I don't know how to model though either. If I knew how, I would have had the armor files available for Kat MONTHS ago and not at the last minute. <_<
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