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  • Hey so I'm going to ask this question to all my friends, so don't worry about answering it in a timely manner. I am trying to make a Jun helmet (for some reason I fell in love with Jun, I SWORE I wouldn't make a Noble Team build...) Well the original measurements are 300 millimeters height, 250 width, and 337 depth, My first question is is this a reasonable measurement for a head my size, my statement is I measured the 22-24 inches around my "pumpkin" and that's ABOUT 600 Millimetres, SO I don't know how to scale the pep right and want to know if the helm would fit. I'm gonna copy and paste this too.
    Ok. I knew that, I was just wondering because I wanted one that said Dare lol. But don't do that. Just was thinking it at the time.
    Indeeeeeed... Hey, look at my Recon Build thread again, the pics of my new handplates have your comment about the "discoloured helmet" rofl. And Nat saying "You don't know how often I get that" When I told her she looks like Kristen Stewart =]
    That would be cool.... Idea for title: Epic guy makes helmet for supernoob who pwnz
    And yes. You are epic. And yes. So are Unicornz.
    Hey I was wondering how the helmet was going. Are you going to make a thread, or anything like that?
    hey your totally welcome!
    just sending the files now. hope your jorge turns out awesome!
    and thanks! ahah im trying to get it as close as possible to the legacy fx style :D
    Hey, I don't know what you mean by "discoloured." I don't even want it to be painted or whatever. I just want it like "normal" helmet.
    hey are you still after jorge files?
    my mate FoolyCoolyMan adjusted AceHighs files to fit a more slim built person, its most of his armour. you would just have to flip the thigh to get the opposite leg.
    i can email them to you if you want, message me back if you want them :)
    That's alright man. I am freakin' psyched. And my mom is TOTALLY on board. Because she doesn't have to spend 200 dollars on a helmet that she isn't even going to touch. So you go ahead and take a freakin' week to answer me. As long as I get an answer, I'm psyched. XDXDXDXD
    Well I am still waiting on a responce, but it hasen't been that long. I didn't see a crack... I think you're on crack ROFL JKJKJKJKJKJKJKJKJKJK but why can't you sand the entire thing yourself? I mean.... I just don't see why not..... But whatever.
    Hey, I am interested in your helmet. I want to see pictures, and learn what you mean by whatever it's cracked or something. Please send the pics to Grindelwald09@hotmail.com
    Hey, check out my Recon thread again. I've posted some major responces lol. Friending you, too. =]
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