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    Robo3687's House Of Armour

    This is nuts. In an awesome way. I'm totally doing this over the summer, if it gets unfolded in time for that. I'd unfold it, but I pretty much suck at it anyway :p ---Stonewall
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    Ironman Contest Entry

    Thanks man. Oh and I noticed another 405th member who posted a WIP picture on there. Anyone know who that is? ---Stonewall
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    Ironman Contest Entry

    I hope this is in the right section... Anyway, I entered the Kmart Iron Man suit-up contest. I was just hoping you all could help me out and vote for me :) Link to my WIP thread: Link to contest: Again, I credit the 405th as a whole for giving...
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    Iron Man Costume Contest.

    Haha thanks man. I'll probably enter tomorrow. I'll let yall know so you can vote! :D Thanks, ---Stonewall
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    Iron Man Costume Contest.

    Haha good. I think with the 405th on my side, I can win. :) Actually, if anyone else has any Iron Man costumes, you should totally enter. I know that there are some others that are much better than mine. So enter!! ---Stonewall
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    Iron Man Costume Contest.

    Sure have, I think I'll enter pretty soon here :) ---Stonewall
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    Stonewall's Finished Iron Man Project

    I just used black body glove shirt and sweat pants. I'd be interested if someone could get a pressure suit under the armor, because it might help bulk up the suit. Its worth a try :) ---Stonewall
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    Just A Tid Bit Angry

    Answers: 1. YES! Good idea, all my brushes are solid rock now. Using Acetone or laquer thinner should work, but I basically soaked my brushes in it overnight. 2. It should say on the can, but it all depends on heat. Using a hair dryer might help, but don't "cook" the resin, it'll do funny...
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    Iron Man Mark 6 Hd Pepakura Project

    I want it!! This is some seriously awesome work here. This is totally my summer project :D :D ---Stonewall
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    Ironman Mark 6 ?

    I totally agree with the front and back articulation, but coming from someone stuck in this particular fiberglass cage, side articulation is a must. When I look at the armor, I think that the armor does have full compression articulation on the whole midsection of the armor. I mean, it's only...
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    Stonewall's Finished Iron Man Project

    Spoils from the theater gig. :D :D Wish I could have got the whole thing like Ithica did, but it wouldn't fit anywhere in my house :p ---Stonewall
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    Movie Accurate Iron Man Mk 3, Mk 6 Helmet And Armor Build

    Saber, your helmet is INSANELY awesome, puts my own to shame :) I'm sorry if I missed this earlier in the topic, but could you PM me the design for the faceplate mechanism? I'm having some issues with my own. Thanks, ---Stonewall
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    405Th In The Paper

    Yep that was me :) Thanks guys, couldn't have done it without you all :D ---Stonewall
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    Stonewall's Finished Iron Man Project

    Hey guys, thanks for the comments and support. It means a lot :) @corby: Don't know how you found that, but good find anyway :) @STEALTH: Yeah, I really should have posted a bit more around here. Problem was that I was pretty much not touching the computer at all while finishing the...
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    Anyone Know Of Some Accurate Im Peps?

    Ok, I'll give you one thing, those files are hard to find around here. The boot files can be found in SupermanExtreme1's (now STEALTH)'s Iron Man Complete Parts Location Thread in Belakor and Camiello's file, which also includes some low-def pieces for the whole suit. I used the med-def...