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    Help if you can !

    I simply cannot complete a pep version of the helmet, i have smooth cast 320 and 321 ready to go, all i need is a pep version of any helmet, I know i am not qualified to access the classifieds, that is why i am reaching out for someone to help me out. If anyone is willing to help me out by...
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    Help if you can !

    Hey Guys, For the past couple months i have been attempting several various Helmet builds and have failed on every occasion :( My goal was to build an ODST helmet or any helmet really, so that i can wear it to a work function, which after an awards ceremony, it would raffled off and...
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    95% Finished First Project

    Wow! that looks amazing. You are truley skilled! keep it up man!
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    Odst Pep Helmet Please!

    looking to buy an odst pep helmet from someone. please help asap. i can transfer money immediatley. just let me know your price... but dont be a jerk, i mean im not gonna pay some one 100$ for paper. be reasonable :)
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    Odst Pep

    no i have been trying to make one for over 3 weeks, and i have wasted so much time and energy on this and it never comes out right. I'm just looking for someone i can buy it from. Just to make my life easier. Still looking for a seller ! Please help. : D
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    Odst Pep

    For the life of me i cant get a pep made of the ODST helmet. Im looking for someone to make me the pep stage and send it to me. I'm very willing to compensate( that means i'd pay you ) because i know how hard this is. I can do the rest of the helmet( my best friend knows how to cast etc.) i just...