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    Fallout 3 Laser Rifle AER9

    Wow, man, that looks absolutely EPIC! As a big fan of New Vegas, I'm loving this :D
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    Physicists wary of junking light speed limit yet

    I was just ecstatic about the fact that I can now go around proclaiming 'we broke physics!' Which, while not technically true, I have been doing that for the past two days :D "If the laws of physics don't apply in the future, God help you." - Aperture Science Voice
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    Hollywood's MK VI/ODST WIP

    Dude, your work is so NEAT! I love your painting skills, and how smooth you get your pieces... keep it up man!
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    Matronoke's Halo Reach Armor/Security Build- [PIC HEAVY] - WIP

    It is looking rather nice :D I quite like the colour scheme you chose.
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    Humans vs Zombies Foam Armor (Pic Heavy)

    Looking pretty good so far Captain! However, it's rather easy to see the lines where pieces are glued together... I haven't tried my hand at foam, so I'm not sure how to make it seamless... Other then that looks really awesome! As i understand it, most people have a lot of trouble making foam...
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    PIC HEAVY. Awsome Custom Halo Reach Foam Armor. Getting Ready For Anime LA!!!!!

    Dude... that armour is simply... beautiful. SERIOUSLY D: I admire your deidication as well, I go to the gym regularly, but I've never aimed to 'bulk up' for my suit.
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    Funny Picture Thread (Pic heavy)

    Just a few bits and pieces I've gathered over the years: Why you should never come to Australia! I love my country :D
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    Recon Helmet Finished Photos

    Is that side detail done with foam? Either way, it looks freaking sweet!
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    Mark V (B) WIP: First Project

    Unfortunately patience is in far too much demand when making armour xD I like the helmet so far, very smooth and intricate where you've been working on it... I definitely need to get ahold of some chisels, as my dremel just doesn't clean up enough.
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    Your TOP songs!

    Man, favourite songs... I like so much music it's hard to make a decision... Well, here are SOME of my favourites: Nothing and Everything - Red Prayer of The Refugee - Rise Against There's a good reason these tables are numbered Honey, you just haven't thought of it yet - Panic! At The...
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    Is Bondo Necessary?

    While some people can get away without using bondo, generally it makes for a much smoother finish. If you want a clean piece without usin bondo, then there are several things that you should probably do: 1. Make sure you only fold lines that a meant to be sharp angles. This can be tricky...
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    Slacker's Church Build (updates to pg3)

    Wow, looking good so far 'Slacker! Are you planning on making a sniper rifle as well? I really need to get ahold of some vaseline, as I have to use toothpaste... which doesn't work QUITE as well.
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    My Cortana Costume - *FINISHED! START ON pg5

    Wow, that's looking pretty good so far :D
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    Mark VI shins? Grr!

    It really depends on your scaling. Many people cut it down the middle and clip it over the leg, while just as many have it so that the piece can be slid over the foot. I belong to the latter group, but that's more to general laziness. Cutting it works well as long as there's enough room on...
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    Tutorial: Helmet paint fitting details visor lining electrics

    Thanks marshon, this tutorial has been very enlightening! The more tutrorials available the better in my opinion, and I personally like to see how different people do their weathering; I would like to see that tutorial made if you had the time. Thanks!