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    Mass Effect Help

    Kind of, but i'm looking for pepakura files, though if i can't get all of them i may resort to that, so thank you for that link. :D
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    Mass Effect Help

    I've been searching for days for a full set of unfolded ME2 Armor, and i could use some serious help finding it, i've scoured through pages and pages here in the forums and i would really love it if you could help me out guys, and gals. :D Thanks in advanced, i really want to comeplete the suit...
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    A1TD's Files base : Halo Carter Helmet HD,LD (R1E35-LD, R1E35-HD)

    I was wondering if you ever finished the ME2 N7 armour unfolds, i was hoping to do a full set for the opening night of ME3. Wouldn't mind it if ya emailed me the link if you have. ^^