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  • I try to make my models as interesting as possible, and I also do my homework. Glad you like that little bit extra
    Your weapons are amazing! I wish i could get one :) Anyways, that "Szolnok Reach" carving is funny... Szolnok is a city in my country :)
    hi how did you make the rounded edges on the pistol i have been trying to make my own and dont know how to make rounded edges with the styrene plastic thanks
    p.s u are god
    I just wanted post on your wall to let others know about this killer Cast:

    Thanks again for the SOCOM ;), it’s awesome. You packed a ton of detail into this piece and the price is great. Really excited about finishing this Prop. Anyone considering a prop weapon for your build, look no further, this thing is beast and is an excellent addition to your suit.

    Thanks again Ben!
    I finished reading your DMR post. Not only is the master prop amazing, now I know was is going into the recast. Simply amazing. I hope to be the first to get one when you start selling them next year.
    To get the bubbles out of the ammo counter I usually pour a small batch into the mold and lay it (the mold) down so that the resin fills the upper rail and then rock it a little bit to let the bubbles escape and then let it kick before I continue the pour.
    Just saw the video of Brandon demolding your baby. Good work. The pictures on your WIP don't do it justice.
    hey there, noticed your gun threads and I was wondering if you need to scale the HD assault rifle or is it already the right size?
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