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    Materials in Sweden?

    I think the one we have are called "kontorsspecialisten" or something similar. Check any more specific office supplier ! :)
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    Materials in Sweden?

    Hey Andersson! :) You will find cardstock at any office supply shop. Though the resin and fiberglass you can find at Biltema, though dont buy they crappy respirator. I would suggest you go to Jula and buy the MSA respirator because I bought several from Biltema but they all leak, and the...
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    405th Mentor Programme 2.0

    Hey Andersson :) I'm also from Sweden, and been around for quite a while. If you have any questions where to buy materials etc. Feel free to ask :)!
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    Crazy idea but it might work with some help?

    Ive actually been thinking the same thing, adding a display/screen to the forearm on my ODST suit. Wont be a problem since I work with AVR:s daily :)
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    New building idea needs programmers

    Ok, if I got you right ( I hope I have), you would like a program that can tell what kind of scaling you need if you are x height? And possible calculate every part individually. I work as a C/Java programmer, when Im not at school, like now at the summer. The problem is not creating the...
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    Bad Words in the Forums

    Monkeyfist, you took those words right out my mouth, I totally agree. I just take those who swear very unserious, and think they are unmature. Especially when Im at work or in school, those who cant manage their language properly, I loose a great deal of trust in.
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    Is there real Swedish in captions?

    LOL, I am from Sweden, and it would be even funnier if anyone thought that was a lauguage :D
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    the noobist-me

    Hey pok1921! Glad to have you aboard :) The video Sam linked is extremly good to learn how to visually do everything. My advice is also to read all the stickies as much as you can. Everything that is worth knowing is written there, plus alot more. If you need additional help just email/pm me...
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    405th Veteran Chat Discussion - IMPORTANT

    1.00 pm CST works ALOT better for me, yay :D
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    I second that, do some research before you post.
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    Armour Scaling Tutorial- Its a privilege, not a right

    I just saw this thread about the tutorial, and I was like "No way!!!", because I have followed your guide to scale my ODST helmet, and since I havent had so much time Ive spent weeks cutting and folding. (And I wanted to start glueing tomorrow :) ) Now I am on about page 22, and I see that my...
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    405th Veteran Chat Discussion - IMPORTANT

    08:00 pm? Noo :( , I had hoped for 08:00 am, even though that sound like a strange time, because you guys are seven hours behind me, I have to stay up untill 03:00 am lol.
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    405th Veteran Chat Discussion - IMPORTANT

    Count me in aswell, and you already added me on MSN :) Kind Regards, //Tahu
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    COFFEE AT 2am?!

    Hey! Im Tahu, I been here since for quite awhile now also, as Matt, havent posted in any introduciton threads either :D Im living in Sweden, and found this awesome site before I was going to attend a masquerade, and been here since. I go to school, and at the same time working as a Java...
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    Jorge 052 - Against All Odds

    Can we still have respect left in this thread? "in little 4 year old voice"? It wasnt just because of his files getting "stolen" that was the problem. He claims he encountered a mod who apperantly was very rude to him, because Acehigh corrected him in a thread (from what I saw he wrote). And...