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    I am currently attempting to build a wooden BR55 based on the same blueprints you used, but I am...

    I am currently attempting to build a wooden BR55 based on the same blueprints you used, but I am stuck. Would you mind helping me out (with specs, techniques, etc.)?
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    Props HDF Halo 3 BR

    Thanks for all the help. I was considering just covering the whole thing in a layer of duct tape. I'll try the smooth cast. I'll post pics asap.
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    Props HDF Halo 3 BR

    Will do. I actually did this build flying by the seat of my pants, but I have learned a lot and will def tell you how it goes.
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    Props HDF Halo 3 BR

    I'm making an HDF (High Density Foam) Halo 3 BR. What should I use to coat the foam to harden it. Is it ok to use Bondo?
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    Dragon*Con 2010 Picture Thread

    The armor looked great again this year everyone. I was very impressed. The flamethrower was superb. Did anyone happen to get a picture of the girl dressed as War Machine? Mine was inexplicably deleted.
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    Props Desolate's Flamethrower

    Very much looking forward to seeing this at D*con. Considering how amazing the chaingun was, I have high hopes for this flamethrower.
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    Resining Problems

    I thought about that, but the heater never got hot enough to really do much of anything. It made the inside of the chamber just warm enough for the resin to cure.
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    Resining Problems

    My hot box worked for the most part. I left it on all night and when I checked this morning the clip was almost completely dry. Just a few tacky spots.
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    Alabama 405Th-Ers

    This isn't the ideal place to post this, but, being a noob, it seems to be the only place I can post it. If there are any other Alabama 405th-ers out there, I have created a banner for the Alabama Regiment.[attachment=14100:Alabama-Regiment.jpg] If there are any 405th-ers in SE Alabama, hit...
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    Resining Problems

    Okay, so i kind of merged the hot box idea and the space heater idea. I got some PVC pipe i had lying around and made a box. I wrapped the box in painters drop plastic and made sure that the edges were sealed. I cut some slits in the back to let some of the air escape. I made a hood and...
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    Resining Problems

    As of 8:15 CST the temperature where I am is 49.5 F. I am using Elmers Fiberglass Resin, and the directions on the back of the can say to use 14 drops of hardener per ounce of resin.
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    Resining Problems

    I have tried three separate times to resin a pepakura model made with cardstock, and all three times it has failed. The first time, I mixed it correctly, coated the model, waited two hours, just like the directions on the can say, and the model was not even remotely dry. It was as if i had...
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    Dragon*con '09 Pics

    Ran into some fellow 405'ers at Dragon*Con. I haven't seen a thread for this yet so I guess I'll start it. If you are in the pics, feel free to ID yourself.
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    Any Mississippi / Alabama 405Thers Around?

    Aaron here from Dothan, AL, but currently living in Troy. Kind of working on stuff right now. No armor yet. Bought a resin-cast pistol model kit at Dragon*Con and I'm stoked to finish it off.
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    Help Mac Users Out

    That would be the easy thing to do, but I hate paying someone to do something I can do myself for free or almost free. I can and do cut my own hair. Well, no, not really. To me going to a copy center is like having a car that has just run out of gas, so instead of having a friend come get you...