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  • Well you gotta remember, this armor was modeled off of a character that is already pretty muscular. I ran into the same problem and you either have to try and modify it yourself to make it thinner so that there isn't too much room, but enough to still wear something under it and have it fit, OR you need to find someone that can slim it down for you.

    I am able to modify the models, but I am swamped with my own project because I am having issues with the shin pieces being too small. :\ The sides are too tight, but it's perfect everywhere else.
    Measure the WIDTH for the widest part of your chest. Then add about 2 inches to that. This will allow room for whatever you wear underneath and also because adding fiberglass or whatever you use to harden it causes the inside to sort of shrink. Since I suck at math, I use this site to convert inches to millimeters: http://www.convertunits.com/from/inches/to/mm

    Where it says inches, just put in the measurement you got, click on convert and you will get the number in mm. Make sure to just use a whole number for the mm. Like if you get something like this: 355.59999999999996, just use 355 or 356 for the size when you scale it in pepakura.

    Now, in pepakura, where you put your number in to scale, put your new mm number in the WIDTH box. Now personally, that is what I usually measure for when I do the chest piece. Some people measure for height, but I don't think too many people measure for depth. :)
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