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    405th versus 501st

    When people make remarks that say that they want to "show up" people in the 501st it makes me want to burn my copy of halo(as in flames....not copies). One of the biggest reason that they have the 18 or older rule is that often times cons, parades, events are outdoors. Starwars Weekends at MGM...
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    Career research

    i tried pming link but all i got was "mailbox full" so im still in need of some kind of help and yes i was thinking along the lines of movie prop creation. but any will do even for theme parks and such as i think thats the field link works in
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    do your parents support your armor

    my parents were skeptical at first about the armor however my mom has gone with me to Starwars Weekends twice just for the stormtroopers there. they helped in aquiring resin and lots of clay for my molds.
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    Career research

    I need help with an english career research assignment. I have to interview someone in my interested career field of propmaking but they have to do it for a living, not for a hobby. If anyone on here does this for a living please let me know so I can forward you the questions. thanks to anyone...
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    making a halo 3 suit.....

    Well after a long time of not being on the forums I'm back and looking to continue with my H3 suit project. Pretty soon I will hopefully (cross your fingers!!!!!) be getting a job so I can get some money forgetting some oilbased clay. I'm determined more than ever to make this project a success...
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    chromed out masterchief idea

    well i dont have the cash to do the metalized suit, all i will be able to do is chrome paint it. so i figure i will chrome it, then clear coat it after its been chromed so that it wont get all weird and i can wipe prints off. i was planning on doing like some bullet marks on the armor like on...
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    i know of him and im planning on getting my neckseals from him for my TD suit. right now im a fulltime student, a senior bartram trail high school in jax florida. i have no job other than mowing the neighbors lawns, and sculpting pieces and selling them as molds. other than that im your...
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    It's a Bug Hunt [An ALIEN Warrior Build Project]

    i knew you knew what it was lol. just felt like chiming in :) SUIT IS AWESOME!!! nice :)
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    It's a Bug Hunt [An ALIEN Warrior Build Project]

    if i had to guess on the "mysterious" object id say its the head.....and omg that is amaziziziziziziing!!! your work = inspiration
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    405th Division Ideas

    ALMOST all of the events that is....... but point well made we do need to get approved before we do an event similar to star wars weekends. but as ive sen previously posted, it took the 501st a long time to get where they are now and we are not just going to go POOF onto the map of fanclubs...
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    HELP WANTED! Spartan Regiments, help your state

    the purpose for making these banners is for a list adam is compiling that has the banner for the state, you click on the banner and you see which members are in that specific state. im not sure if its going to be used for the future 405th site or any other details other than what ive just stated...
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    clay helmet?

    once again though, even with a thick coat of resin it wouldnt last. it may last for trying it on but after maybe two times wearing the suit and the pieces chafing and bumping together you would have shattered pieces that are coated in resin. now if you were to somehow make a mold of the clay...
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    i think its cuz this one is actually like hes trying to find the materials and cant get the pics up. he's at least chasing the idea instead of just talking about it
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    This is my rifle parody for the 405th group

    but think about it though, if its something that is really short then its not as impressive to recite. once you get so far away from the original it doesnt sound as impressive nor does it mean the same or as much as the original. variations are good, by my personal opinion is that we try not to...
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    The 405th Age Limit

    thats what parents are for :) j/k i personally say 18 because ive had to wait this long to join the 501st and plus kids who are 16 will buy stuff, join then lose interest. at least by 18 you have some of your priorities sorted out.......when i say 16 year olds i mean in general, not all of them