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    Should I Buy This Mc Helmet On Ebay?

    the helmet looks like crap and i wouldn't pay anything for it.
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    Has Anyone Successfully Built Themselves An Eva Helmet?

    i've got one in work right now, but it needs a lot of sanding and painting and i need to pep a new visor. I have a couple of pictures in my thread.
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    Any Armor Builders In The Seattle Area?

    you think there would be more of us up here since bungie controls the world from here.
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    Any Armor Builders In The Seattle Area?

    about sci fan at galaxy hobby, their annual sci fi model contest is this saturday the 26th, i'm bringing my helmet and chest in for display only. theres another guy i know that works in 1:1 scale but he's stuck at boeing like me. you might try coming and asking around, theres people with access...
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    My Mark Vi Eva Cqb Combo.

    I was going to fiberglass the visor and then use sculpey on top. but my kitten thinks that all concave surfaces are litter boxes. as soon as i make a new pepakura visor i will sculpt over it then make a silicone negative and a 2 part plaster mold. I plan on casting the visor in a lot of clear 2...
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    How Do You Make Visors?

    My suggestion would be, if you havent already cut out the pepakura visor from your helmet, would be to make a 2 part silicone/plaster mold of it. cast that and use it as a 1/1 scale base to sculpt a new detailed visor. then make a new 2 part mold of it and cast it in lots of clear 2-part resin...
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    Any Armor Builders In The Seattle Area?

    My best advice would be to find someone with a knowledge of fabrication and sculpting. If I could have done this 10 years ago for my senior project i would have. maybe your schools art teacher knows some people who could help you out. Sorry I cant help I live in lynnwood and spend all my time...
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    How Do You Not Ruin Brushes During Resining!?

    Methyl propyl ketone, safety goggles and a chemical gas mask
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    Carnage's Mk Iv Build Wip

    I had the same damn problem with my mark iv chest piece. I scaled it according to my height of 70 inches and it came out waaay too small. I have had to start from scratch even though i had the whole thing resined. the belly was too thin and the chest front was too short.
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    Eva Visor

    I'm going to go the hard way and do a sculpt of the visor on my helmet, then make a 2 part mold and cast it in clear resin. It is going to waste a lot of materials but at the same time i can scale it to the size of my helmet. [attachment=9871:DSCN0422.JPG]
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    Tutorial: How To Do Realistic Damage And Weathering

    Everyone on this site does amazing work on their armor and paint jobs. However drybrushing silver paint on top of everyting takes away from the realism. there are 3 secret ingredients to making realistic damage that work much better than drybrushing. One i'm going to show, the others i wont...
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    Halo Wtf Moments

    That same thing happened to me on assault on the control room. I'm in the tank with 4 marines and i need to rescue some more from oncoming hunters. so i figure if i go straight over the cliff and land right side up i can get there faster. instead i drive right over the autosave point and within...
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    Sephiroth! (fanart)

    Mail the sephiroth picture to Tetsuya Nomura and see if he autographs it for you!
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    Cqb Helment

    that's very clean looking! you did a great job.
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    My Mark Vi Eva Cqb Combo.

    Oh-kay. so i printed out flyingsquirls hd mark 6 chest piece and scaled it to my height of about 70 inches, 2 years ago. right before i started my job as a heavy structures mechanic for the boeing 787. working on and off on it i got it built and fortified to the point yesterday where i thought i...