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    Would You Hire Him?

    "Old people rock!"? why is that statement on the bottom of the paper??
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    Door-to-door Salesmen

    so you mean there actually is a Vulcan-sleapgrip-nerve that Spock uses ever so often??
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    is this all versions of youtyube or just the american one?? do you also have a source for this??
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    What kind of car do you drive?

    am just starting to learn to drive :D
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    Discovery Channel Machinima Spoof

    I was talking about the other video that was posted, where it's a pelican flying away from an exploding thingy
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    Discovery Channel Machinima Spoof

    no, I just rembered it was the ending cutscene of "Cortana" sorry
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    Discovery Channel Machinima Spoof

    this might be considered necro.posting but I recently watched these again and I noticed in the second video that was posted, at 0:44 I have no memory of that "magma"-scene being in any of the games. where is it from?
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    Looking For Help With My Homemade Halo Game

    I saw something similar fan-made game like this before. It looked okay but he didn't really get the storyline right I didn't play it but I read about it and it bugged the crap out of me that the entire game completly contradicted all offical halo-story. I hope you don't do the same mistake
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    aah, okej. Sarkasm kan vara lite svårt att få fram i textform ibland
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    ja nästan är väl okej, det är rätt så bra vatten och "bara Mälaren o Östersjön"? Östersjön är ju jättestor :p
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    själv är jag i Motala :)
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    I'm also from Sweden :p (Jag är också från Sverige :p )
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    The Cole Protocol - Coming Fall 2008

    it's been released now has anyone been able to pick it up yet??
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    Help Me In Legendary Please?

    I always find co-op campaing extremly fun my gaertag is hvu man69
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    My Homemade Halo Mod For Madness Combat.

    the tutorial-part isn't working