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  • I've been away for a loooong time. Worked out of state for most of this year. Now am back home and able to get to work on my gear once again. hope to get back in contact with all of you guys soon. /salute T
    So I've gotten a small group together thats not apart of the 405th and we started our cumulative group armor project this weekend.
    We started at the legs for each of our suits.
    I have the free program. I do need to get it for a project I'm doing for next year's Dragon*Con.
    I'm doing a Comic Book Dr. Doom. Always loved the way he looked when he posed liked a bad ass. lol
    YO....project is going well...slow...but well. With work, kids etc it is taking forever. Am working on a wrist (HD) and a low def ODST helm (for sizing and practice). The shoulder I have resin'd but have not done the fiberglass yet hope to do that this weekend. I am thinking about buying a craft robo so that should speed things up a bit.

    Your helms are looking outstanding!!
    Totally would be up for gettin a meet together, when I have my armor ready. And funds for it. a trip to Cleveland would be fun for a meet or team up , but I'm just limited on those kind of funds at the moment. You're welcome to journey here in Warren county. Pretty much right now I'm just gettin my material together for the suit and then its off to pepping. Just got 300 sheets of 110# Cardstock.
    Hey here's my email. EKshrek86@fuse.net
    Hey, tryin to maybe get a group in ohio together for a build or Just a meet-up in costume at a mall event of for a Halo event. who knows, just wondering if you're interested.
    add my email


    its easier for me to check on there, but i am a fairly new costumer i am also a mandalorian merc.....(never finished the costume) and i attempted a big dady costume which wasnt good at all..long story short alot of pvc and a trash can wasted so then i moved on to halo armor after i watched an indymogul video and i was like hey!! i can do this! so if you need help or just want to talk about costumes shoot me an email
    Yo! Shoot me an email - easier to discuss projects, steps etc that way

    hey man i just saw youre vid in the information thread and your pep was really good, if you ever need help with it just drop by my profile and ask away! see ya around

    good luck!!-
    HI -

    Thought I would drop by and say hey! Your helm looks awesome in your WIP post. I started with other pieces as the darn helmet kind of scared me :)
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