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    Human Preservation Project discussion (Halo 4 ARG)

    About the little helicopter toys with the blinking lights, I am pretty sure they no longer send those out. I hope I can get my badge in the mail soon
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    *Finished(?) Pg 12* 13-Year-Old's Non-Toxic Spartan-III build

    That doesn't go here. Please read the stickies. Here's a link to Help for forum usage!-quot-for-Forum-Usage The armor looks good, but as others have said more picture would be better
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    Human Preservation Project discussion (Halo 4 ARG)

    Do you have a link to the article showing it was proven not to be a Bungie game?
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    Community Jump in... Dead Space 2 security suit armor

    Why didn't you just ask this in the Dead Space Pep thread in 3D modeling? There is no need to make another thread asking for it :) Not trying to be mean, just trying to help so theres no fuss and not alot of flaming. If I have time I may unfold, but check the DS pep thread. I know someone was...
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    Human Preservation Project discussion (Halo 4 ARG)

    Well I hope I can get my Package soon :( theres some type of glitch where it won't let me remake my badge it just keeps telling me tht I need to log in when I try :((
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    Human Preservation Project discussion (Halo 4 ARG)

    Yeah I guess you can't be wearing hats or anything for the picture
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    Human Preservation Project discussion (Halo 4 ARG)

    I never got my package either :(((((
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    Custom Project By RT WIP (Pic Heavy) New Pics.

    Looks really good my friend :) It looks like its coming along great. Makes me want to start building again. Keep up the great work and I'll watch for updates
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    Does anyone want to trade for a one month?

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone wanted to trade me a one month of xbox live for a sargent Johnson code or halo reach recon? Hope no one minds if I post this here. I just really need one. Or does anyone have a 2day pass I could use? Im sorry I'm just kinda desperate. I don't have enough...
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    Why do i have two left thighs!

    Short tut: 1.) Open Pep Designer 2.) 2D Menu 3.) Check Invert Pattern 4.) Rearrange Pieces That should do it
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    How do you stay focused?

    Well maybe I shouldn't watch Adventure Time while working on things. Its a very big distraction :D but I only have it on so I have something in the background. It seems I work better with nothing on so I guess I won't be watching any Adventure time while I'm working.
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    How do you stay focused?

    Hello fellow 405ther's :) I have not made a thread in some time. I was just wondering on how every one stay focused on their work? I can never spend more then 10 minutes on anything, I always end up watching what I put on in the background. I know this might seem useless or unnecessary, but I...
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    Human Preservation Project discussion (Halo 4 ARG)

    before you start the video log in at the top and then do the video
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    Human Preservation Project discussion (Halo 4 ARG)

    I've tryed that, I thought maybe you were supposed to connect the dots but I havent finished it yet, doesnt really look like anything. Theres also a new sound thing up if you click the button again
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    Magneto movie helmet!

    Just go to dung0beetle's website. its on there somewhere