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    Got Odst Early

    I wrote a whole preview when I got my copy and I only got one reply! :( Nah I'm only messing about, it's great isn't it? even if the gameplay isn't quite as different as they made out it would be (although the Halo 1 style tweeks are a joy.) Something I haven't mentioned in my earlier comments...
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    My Own Halo Odst Game Preview

    ODST PREVIEW. Received my copy through the post yesterday so I thought I'd share my initial impressions just for you lovely folks. How it plays When I first bought my original XBox it came with Halo 1 in the pack, after five minutes play I vowed never to pick it up again since it was...
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    Introduction And First Wip

    Yeah, both ears were a bitch, hoping it can be sorted out with a bit of resin and bondo fine tuning. The right ear was actually my first piece, which turned out to be a bad idea. Still, nothing's ever just wasted time, only a lesson for the next project.
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    Introduction And First Wip

    Hi everybody. This site is a prime example of why I shouldn't randomly browse the net when I'm bored at work, as if I need to get hooked on another hobby to fill my diminishing free time! Quick introduction, I'm 26 and I hark from a small country filled with little but grass and muddy puddles...