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    Halo Custom character build

    OK well I'm almost finished with my armor, I seriously hated making the halo reach thighs. Also do you guys know how I can make a insulation foam version of the halo 4/5 light rifle. I don't know how but when I first played halo 5 I just fell in love with the dying star light rifle (and when I...
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    Halo Custom character build

    I finished one of the many helmets I'm going to make/the operator helmet from halo reach
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    1st Build My First Armor Build

    Yes, yes they are(fixed it for you)
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    ma 37 rifle build special

    Nice! To me Halo Reach and Halo infinite have my favorite designs.
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    4th of July

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    Lobbster's Reach Build

    zachturner009 : NO DIRDIVES DELETE IT Dirtdives :
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    Halo reach armor

    RandomRanger also has a good reference image tab(I don't know what else to call it): Halo Reach HQ Armor Reference Images
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    Halo reach armor

    If you are doing an EVA foam build then I'm pretty sure that it's a good idea to take off the tabs you can do so by: Clicking on the 2d menu then click show flaps which should uncheck it. And when you print the printer will usually ask you, some part of the development might not fit, and then it...
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    Free Mark VI Armor Project in Utah

    Really sad that I live in the Midwest region tho :/
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    Free Mark VI Armor Project in Utah

    Just good?!?!?!??! That looks really good, Amazing, Maybe even memerizing.... XD(I don't see free armor that much)
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    Halo Custom character build

    I kinda feel like I'm in big trouble I just thought how much effort it's going to take to scale the halo Fotus(yes google I did spell it right so stop questioning me) helmet.