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    Halo 3 - Custom High Detail Models

    i guess its just preference, but i think squirls' is easier because it's more organized and doesn't have so much small pieces.
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    Halo 3 - Custom High Detail Models

    i like the fact that the top jaw and back pieces are labeled so i can cut out only 2-3 pages out at a time and not have to look through all the pieces to find the one i need.
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    SPI Shoulders

    yeah i got the same problem too when opening them.
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    Halo 3 - Custom High Detail Models

    the new model looks sick, can't wait to build it just as soon as i finish up the sylfo model (I'm planning on making both) see how they both compare to each other once sanded and painted.
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    Maverick to Spiker

    thats awesome, and it still shoots?
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    Fiberglass or Bondo?

    fiberglass the inside, then body filler or whatever you use on the outside to smooth and detail
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    Question in regards to Fiber-glassing

    WOW nice, can you post a link of this fiberglass jelly, it looks good.
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    Halloween Activites....

    haha yeah i think about 12 cars stopped and took pictures of me, the first time i thought i was going to get mugged or something by these gangsters, but they just wanted to know how i made it, then later that night someone dressed as Link from The Legend Of Zelda came along and we exchanged...
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    descent into mjolnir hell... or how i made armor in a day...

    cool, I'm doing what your doing with expanding foam, was a last minute thing because i had all my pep pieces done and wasn't going to worry about getting ready for Halloween, but last minute i decided i would dress up so its the fastest way to get it done and i can still refine the pieces later...
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    New Armor Builder

    nice job dude, im working on vacuum forming armor too, good to see im not the only one =D
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    What age/ How old are you?

    16 here, now back to making armor, im almost done!
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    my completed armor

    your amazing, i hope my suit comes out half as good as yours did, its an awesome paint job
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    vaccuforming question

    well i started vacuum forming some pieces today with expanding foam and it worked fine, i just used a foam that expanded less and used more to make it sturdier which worked well, hopefully ill get some pictures up tomorow to prove it.
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    I'm new to the forum but not to armor making (pics)

    looks good. Can't wait to see the final product so keep us posted
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    My energy sword (lots of pics, tut added)

    awesome sword, when i get my armor done, ill be attempting to make one of these for sure ;)