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    Anyone else here like WWII planes as much as I do?

    My all time favorite plane is and always will be the P-40 Warhawk.:D
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    Halo regiments by state or city

    Some of you guys aren't too far from me. I can definitely travel to Maryland for Otakon if I get the funds for it. But, I guess I need to build some armor first. :P
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    Nerds with Girls???

    There are nerdy girls out there. Those girls that think it's cool to be nerdy don't count. I bet they don't even know who Master Chief is or what planet the Wookies are from. Anyway..that's completely off topic. I can bet that my boyfriend is glad that I'm nerdy. He has somebody to kill Covenant...
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    Bungie: 1, Justin Bieber: 0

    Go Nathan! Show that little bugger who's boss!
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    Just Curious About Something

    You know..that's a good point. Granted, I think I could be more proud of a gun that I built from the ground up but, until I can actually get the stuff to build guns from can't hurt to have a little fun with the Nerf guns. :D I will post pics once we ('we' being my boyfriend and I)...
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    Just Curious About Something

    I see a lot of people modding Nerf guns and making them look like Halo weapons. I'd like to do this myself but I was wondering about something: If you build your own armor is it generally frowned upon to carry a modded Nerf as your weapon? I just feel like a lot of people would have a "If you...
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    Have you seen the new Nerf stampede gun...

    :eek I didn't think about the drum mag. That would be awesome!!:cool
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    Have you seen the new Nerf stampede gun...

    Wow! That thing looks pretty cool. I like that they put a shield on it. Do you think it could be modded into a Halo:Reach AR..and actually look like an AR?
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    Halo regiments by state or city

    Are there any Virginians here? There's two of us here that would love to start building armor but lack the necessary funds.
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    what do foreigners think of australians? im just curious

    I've met a couple Australians online. They were extremely nice to talk to and they managed to get me addicted to Tim Tams lol.
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    What Does Your Username Mean?

    ThunderDragonX13 actually has a pretty straightforward explanation. Thunder= My favorite element Dragon= because I've loved dragons since I was a kid X= favorite letter 13= favorite number
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    Xbox Live Gamer Tags

    405th: ThunderDragonX13 XBL Gamer Tag: ThunderDragon13 Location: Culpeper, Virginia Time: EST
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    Complete Noob List

    I wish I had the money to start making some armor but this will be extremely helpful. I was curious about one thing though: Can you substitute the buckles for black elastic or is that a bad idea?
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    Introduce Yourself

    Name: Gabrielle Profession: Florist's assistant Age: 19 Favorite Hobby: Video games, drawing and exploring new hobbies Favorite Halo: 2 for the multiplayer, 3 for the armor customization Favorite Video Game: Too many to name but I'm a Halo nerd. Other Interests: Future technology...