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  • Hey how's it going, I just saw your last post in very old thread and I thought I should tell you that I think you should go over the forum rules a couple of more times. Because you Necro posted in a thread that was last active in july plus it was started like 2 years ago so its pretty dead. Just thought you should know before you got yourself in some trouble.
    Actually, I changed the entirety of what I'm going to make. :)
    It's a Spartan-II, he's big, tall, and carries a huge machine gun around to smash Covies with :D
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Costuming, charity work, video games, books, and outdoor activities(ex. snowboardering)
San Diego, CA
Full time student


Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.
--Albert Einstein
Check out my Build (slow but steady)- http://www.405th.com/entry.php/147-Tester-Helm-build-(pep)#comments