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  • I like how your build came out on your Reach armor any chance you'll bring it to the anime expo 2011 con I plan to be there with my Carter build I'm 3/4 done with mine keep up the good work
    Glad to hear velcro worked for you, I used it on a lot of other parts. It actually wasn't too bad. I cut vent holes in my helmet, then wired in 2 seperate fans. So I could turn one, or both on at the same time, they weren't loud either, so it worked out rather well.
    Thanks! :)
    What I did was get a velcro loop around my belt which is hidden under my belt armour and attached it that way, I hope it works out lol I might do a test run soon :p
    When you went to the con was it hot for you?
    it was hot for me having just my helmet on lol
    I'm done my armour completely but I have one more thing to do.
    strap the thighs.
    how did you do it? :p
    I have everything else but the thighs, don't know how : (
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