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  • How was the wedding? Everything go according to plan? Have you started back to your armor build? If so do you have any questions? I have a tip for the chest when you get there. After doing 2 of them I found it easier the second time to leave the detail down the center of the back for last. i did the front first and worked my way around to that area, the armor was a lot more stable the second time. Also when fiber glassing the chest I put a 1/4" thick smear of bondo on the inside over the detail in the middle of the chest. Then fiberglass over that. That will allow me some extra material to carve into when doing the details.
    Hows it going is it total pandemonium over there with the wedding coming up. Hope every thing is ok. Just wanted to see how your doing. And congrats to you r folks on the wedding.
    Cool, let me know when your ready to start and we'll go over every thing if you want and work out any kinks so you can fly through the resin and rondo stage.
    Hey just checking in to see how things are going. Any problems or questions? Your pep work looks killer and your flying along at a great pace. Keep up the great work. Oh I was re-watching Ben's vids and he mentioned some thing, butcher paper to put down I've tried some thing similar and it makes clean up a dream. I bought a bunch of wax paper from the dollar store for now. At the end of the day just fold it up and toss it. It might help keep your work area clean with the limited space you have to work in (also it will help keep your folks happy to, no mess for them to bug you about)
    Ok still waiting on the grunt stuff. But I don't really care, I am trying to do a bunch of Recon stuff lol. I probably should get back to that Grunt build -.0 But I don't feel like it......
    well if you ever have a question feel free to hit me up ! i started in the deep end so i learn fast and im totally going all out for kat so i cant wait to finish! and yeah this robo arm is a challenge but im hoping it turns out great :D
    good luck on your future builds !
    Well here's a funny bit too. I just today got an idea that I want to make a Grunt statuette for my buddys birthday this September 16th. You can veiw the thread, it's "Grunty Thirst" So that's what's going to occupy my time at least untill Reach comes out rofl. So you can bet that I will be a little irritated if I don't finish that..... But it's ok if I don't..
    hey thanks! its awesome because when i joined i was so overwhelmed by the amazing projects here and now im glad to be part of it! the feedback is brilliant.
    thanks for your kind words :D
    Yes I am going for the "Full Build". I know for a fact that it won't be done for at least a few months, because we are basically poor and can't afford extra stuff. I am paying Misfit John to make my helmet, and should get that in February. I am doing this because I don't want to trust myself with a helmet build yet, but I am trying to build my own. Tomorrow (Today is Tuesday) We are getting ink for my uncle's printer and I am going to TRY my hand at the Smoothed Recon helmet. Then I am probably going to work on the arm, because I have to put my shoulder on something lol.
    Hey, it's James. How is the helmet going? I personally started with a Recon shoulder. It's completely finished, and I am working on getting resin to harden it. I don't know about putting Fiberglass on it. I think that will be pretty difficult.
    I would if your doing the Mark6 then it will help keep the brim straight. It's not hard to cut out later.
    When you get it done if it's to small let me know I can rescale the one's I've got and email them to you. Mine was H264 W340 D231 and it fits great and will only need a little padding I just had to trim the opening.
    hi john, my name is kristina! lol

    im working on Mark VI armor, more specifically the helmet. i probably should have started with something easier considering this is my first time with pepping, let alone with armor building! haha but what everyone wants most is a helmet, am i right?

    im trying to finish pepping the helmet and i want to say its going to be too small but i wont know for sure until its finished.
    Hey hows it going? First I should find out what your working on and at what stage your at. LOL I guess I should have introduced my self first, my name is John.
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