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    HOD Anaheim Volunteers

    1. Danielle Yuan 2. Dagger0621 / GatewayProps 3. I can do all panels 4. I did Halo costumes since 2009. Founded the Pacific Regiment. Did some Halo fan film work and did my own prop business for a little while. I don't need a badge (getting it through the Anvil Station guys) but if you all...
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    How do I use my signature

    test. I am professional halo prop maker. :V
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    You should hang on the 405th discord server:

    You should hang on the 405th discord server:
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    First foam cosplay

    Looking good so far! Once you've got it more or less assembled, you can take some paintable caulk to try and blend some of the seams together to make it look cleaner. You can also try hitting the hot glue with ah eat gun to try and melt some of the beads, but that's a tricky thing to do...
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    Props Halo and Mattel strike deal & New Boomco Weapons!

    I believe the energy sword might be a Gamestop exclusive.
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    The 405th and Paintball/Airsoft

    Tms We are exploring this topic further in a staff forum right now, and your concerns have been noted. All other members, please note that at this time all discussion regarding armor used as paintball/airsoft gear is not allowed, whether that is to argue if it is safe OR unsafe. Though I...
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    Resin Issue/oops

    If it's still not curing, you can try applying another coat of the same resin with hardener over the top and hope that it might kick off the reaction in the layer underneath, but since you did put hardener in your first layer it should harden on its own over time as Marawuff mentioned. Exposing...
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    Introduce Yourself!

    It's neat how working on props can put you in a zen moment. :) Welcome aboard, and we look forward to seeing your progress!
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    Joining the Pacific Regiment

    Hi everyone! If you live in Oregon, Washington, California, Hawaii, or Alaska and love Halo cosplay we'd love to have you join our group! To apply, please follow the steps below: Fill out our membership form. This form is separate from the division form and contains requests for more...
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    Halo 5 Spartan Company

    Just an FYI, I updated the company name to 405thPacific so it's in line with the other regiments (and also easier for people to look up by typing in 405th). Let me know if you run into any issues with your invite as a result.
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    Halo 5 Spartan Company

    @peterththinker and TrooperJasher added both of you!
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    Halo 5 Spartan Company

    Hey guys! Here is the official Spartan Company for the 405th Pacific Regiment. Hopefully this will help give us an alternative way to meet up and bond with each other, especially as our numbers grow across the regional lines: If...
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    New Division PR Officer

    Thank you! I would also like to thank Spacemeat and the rest of the Pacific division for doing such a wonderful job managing themselves and their events. Without their support and ability to keep the day-to-day minutia of the regiment going smoothly, I would not be able to take on additional...
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    New York Comic Con 2015

    You should also check out our Colonial regiment's facebook page. =)
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    Having a problem with the site? POST HERE!

    Hi, just bumping this up to check if there's any update on TruthBringer's profile issue.