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  • Well, as far as hardening a helmet look for the wood glue tut, its like paper mache but i think it gets sturdier faster. Also if you want to see a completed Haunted build look at TheBradinator's build it turned out amazing. :) And good luck on yours, i hope we get another Haunted on the forum. ;)
    I want to get a mask and use my finger light to show it, but the only problem is that 1: I want to do it with a grenadier (Jorge) helmet. Even though it would probably easier to do it cause I don't have to form the visor. 2: I still have to make the helmet and I don't have much or any money too. 3: I don't have any experience in any of this, except for paper-miche skills. 4: I want to get this done patiently before Halloween. I obviously want to wear it at dress-up day at school and on H-night.
    Hey I think I can help you. I like how you said to use a mask for the skull effect, (mainly because I had the same idea) and I know how you can get a cool decently sized light on the inside. Amazon search "finger lights" and you should see cheap prices for rave lights that go on your finger. I have these and they are awesome at parties. I think you should be able to put the white light on the bottom of the visor on the inside, that way it shines up, so others can see the skull from the outside. The lights are very small. They are about as big as you pinky!
    hey do you remember the eod helmet you made a while back? if yes could you please send me the file?
    hello, i was wondering if you could help me, i really need some instructions. you look like the person to ask.

    I realized that I made the frigate in A4 paper format ... "oops" :(. We use Letter format here in the US........

    I updated the download and it will now include both Letter & A4 format.:)

    If you started building the frigate i posted, it will come out at a slightly smaller scale than intended.:(

    I am very Sorry for all the trouble :(
    I hope this doesn't ruin your project.
    I feel terrible:(
    Update 2: its been a long while but i finally got pep designer and made Jorges Chest! Check my progress. Link is found below.
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