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    Dragon Con Is Seven Days Away!

    I will probably make it to Dragoncon. I don't know if I'll be wearing my armor though, because I'm going with my GF and she wants to walk around in civvies. :p Hope to see some other 405th members around!!!
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    General Drawing Thread

    I'm not much of an artist, but sometimes I get lucky and draw something decent like this. Sorry for size. I figure there's already plenty of large images here.
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    Mcfarlane Action Figure Questions.

    I have all 15 of my figures out on display. xD I don't want to keep them in the packages, that's boring. I probably wouldn't sell 'em anyway.
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    Momocon '09

    There's plenty of information on guests, you have to look at the sidebar for the different categories. This is the costuming/crafts list for instance. ---------------- Now playing: Sidewinder
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    Momocon '09

    My girlfriend and I are going this weekend to Momocon in Atlanta. It's a free anime and sci-fi convention that's going on the 14th and the 15th. Is anyone from 405th gonna be there? I'll probably be wearing full spartan armor, and I'm gonna try to enter the contest. Here's the website...
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    I Didn't Get My Flameing Warthog... :'(

    I didn't get my code either, but I think it's because the store I ordered it from didn't get any codes to give out. F**K
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    I'm homeschooled. I'm going through some GED practice tests and such and hopefully I'll take it soon. Once I get my GED and my drivers license I might start looking for a job. =P
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    Props N 3 3 D L 3 R _ P 3 P F I L 3

    Looks awesome! I imagine that'd be a hell of a build. I'd unfold it if I were good with that stuff, but sadly I'm not. ---------------- Now playing: Unbound (The Wild Ride)
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    What kind of car do you drive?

    I drive an '00 Ford Taurus. Not my pic, but looks the same. I had my eye on an '84 Nissan 300ZX Turbo, but someone bought it before I could. :mad:
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    Tru7h's Finished Mkvi

    Actually, this is my upgrade. Last year I made my first suit of MKVI armor with some earlier lower detail models, and it didn't do too well by my standards at least. I didn't build it well as it was my first pep, I barely fiberglassed it so it didn't hold up, and the paintjob was rushed. I don't...
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    Tru7h's Finished Mkvi

    Yeah, I didn't have time to use Bondo. I didn't get recognized much this year, but that's because the teenagers weren't out yet and I had to leave early for a party. People liked it though, even though I kept getting called "Storm trooper" :lol:
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    Tru7h's Finished Mkvi

    I finished this costume on Halloween day. Procrastination's a female dog, eh? You can't see it here, but on the other shoulder I have "7" as an emblem. All the pics are here. Everything is standard detail except the helmet and the handplates. It's not perfect and it's probably not up to...
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    Pepakure Gaming Pod For Serious Gamers

    Understood. If you do it in sections it might be a little more plausible to build, but I still don't know how Resin will hold up. You might be able to experiment with it, but to be safe I'd look to see if there's something better you could use for support. If you can pull this off it'll...
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    3d Metroid Prime Samus Aran File

    Eh Samus's suit doesn't count as crossdressing. It's not a very feminine suit anyway, and Samus kicks enough ass to hang with the boys. Far as a 3d model, I don't know. I might know someone who could help though, I'll get a hold of him and let you know. :D
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    Scaling Discrepancies

    I wouldn't worry about trying to get perfect mobility. My costume restricts a lot of motion, I can barely reach my head to eat (sans the helmet of course). As long as you can comfortably walk around move your arms enough to do stuff, you should be fine. ---------------- Now playing: Memory