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    Pepakura or EVA Foam

    Small things sound easy to work with in foam but I'd caution against it because of small fiddly bits being fiddly and precision of cuts being more important to keep the shape. Start with something like a shin or a boot that has a little bit more variety in geometry (hard angles, curved...
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    Halo 5 Centurion foam build

    Say hypothetically a bungee cord got stuck in my tire and caused a lot of little dents at once, how does that work out?
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    TurboCharizard's Halo Reach CQB Build Log

    Dead thread is not dead. No sir. I'm being a complete goofball and adding updates to the armour for this weekend, some for comfort, some for style, some for aesthetic. Comfort I always hate having to have a handler to pass out business cards or to check on my phone when I'm in armour. No...
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    Canadian Regiment [Delta Battalion] (Victoria, BC) - Capital City Comic Con

    Saturday is the big day for Delta Battalion. If I was a greedy man, I'd say Saturday.
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    Halo Weapon's Platoon

    It's a start. I've got the holes drilled for LEDs and now I just need to add the Num Pad and indicator screen. Maybe a little bit of edge beveling and cleanup but the main body is mostly there and to a point where I'm happy. Not too bad for two hours fiddling around.
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    Halo Weapon's Platoon

    I'm going to be working on the Halo Reach shaped charge this week to further my CQB build specialization. SPARTAN Door Kicker in progress, I'll upload patterns once everything is together and proven correct.
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    Canadian Regiment [Delta Battalion] (Victoria, BC) - Capital City Comic Con

    Where Victoria Conference Center When March 22- 24, 2019 Friday: 3pm – 9pm Saturday: 10am – 7pm Sunday: 10am – 5pm Tickets Tickets available through Ticket Rocket 405th Delta Battalion will have boots on the ground for all three days for Victoria's largest comic book convention. Join us to...
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    Halo Reach - Noble 5 Printable Armor - Jorge-052 and M247 Machine Gun

    Soft recommendation to anyone printing this armour set, using the following orientation for the UA/Buckler provided me with a faster print and less filament used.
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    Smoothing Saturation Lines in PLA 3d Prints (evakura tutorial)

    I'm trying out this method on a project that I'm working on with a friend and the results are fantastic. For larger pieces we sanded through my normal procedure but for thin and brittle parts we went straight to this method and it's staggering. Thank you for writing this out. For the Canadian...
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    3D Printer and Software Questions.

    Hoo boy... Three questions I could talk about for an hour on each easy. 1. Software is a very broad topic and comes down to personal preference most frequently on what people say is useful. The three easy categories to break everything down into are Design Suites, Repair Tools, Scaling Tools...
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    Halo Reach PC Hype Stations

    I need a minute guys.
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    Free 3D Model Index

    I'm not getting an error on either of the links, which one are you fine folks having issues with?
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    Pipninja's custom noble VI

    Looks like you want to up your top/bottom layer thickness and possibly increase infill percentage to get a nicer finish.
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    ODST Foam build - Stepping up from DFT (Finished Build Pic on Pg. #8 & 9)

    I like the colour choice but I think the line weight is too heavy and up close it'll detract from the other fine details that you've spent a lot of time on. That could just be me though, my eye blends the colours at a distance (thumbnail) and is drawn to the visor up close (full size image) to...
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    Halo Reach - Noble 2 Printable Armor - Kat - Catherine-B320

    Thank you MoeSizzlac for the work preparing this armour set. I'm going to be adding the hardcase to my foam SPARTAN as a quick access repair kit. Beautiful work as always and it fits my foam thigh perfectly.