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    emperor_mickahs !attle rifle

    That is the smallest closet I have ever seen.
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    Trip's First Attempt At making Mark VI Armor

    So maybe I can get it done for the next nerd convention./endquote i resemble that remark...
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    Halo Suite For The U.S Army

    I'm tired of these "I am a combat veteran, bow down to me and give me lots of free crap" attitudes. Suck it up, you volunteered No one owes us ANYTHING. And it should be your responsibility to deal with that. /endquote I think I'm in love with you, Hugh....
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    A new spartan to the ranks.

    The cake is a lie.
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    Farqual's MKVI Build

    Can't view pics.
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    Armor Strapping 101

    Newly registered but lurked a while. I just wanted to add my "attaboy" to this tut. Well done.
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    Look at what I did while I've been away! (7 images)

    Can you see out of them? The Rios mask looks like it would be heavy/hot as hell... Did you put a helmet system inside of it or a vent?
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    Introduce Yourself

    Name: Ty (okay it's Tyrone but I'm a person of Pallor and always rocked with "Ty" Profession: Video Game Studio owner & President Age: Late 30's Favorite Hobby: Video Games, D&D & My kiddos Favorite part of halo: I'll never forget Pistol Sniping in Blood Gulch days on end on the office LAN...