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    Possible New Material For Pepakura Construction

    I wish I new about this before I used the stupid Plastar... Ill have to try this, since it sounds like it works simple and quickly.
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    Im back, H2 Spec Ops Spartan

    Dammit... it turns out my card is all missing for some reason. Ill have to talk to my parents to see where they put it. I hate snags like this... I looked for the last 3 hours and still didn't turn anything up.
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    Im back, H2 Spec Ops Spartan

    Same to your avatar :p
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    Im back, H2 Spec Ops Spartan

    Well, Im back and hoping to get my armor at least mostly finished before Halo 3's launch. Next week is the end of my first quarter, so I should have a good 5 days or so of work open to me on this. Ill put my all into it to at least get my arms, legs, and torso constructed and re-inforced, then...
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    New Rule for All Forums

    It is hard to take you seriously with such an avatar :p. But sure thing on that.
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    My Project and Such

    Card Stock is easier to cut, but cardboard is sturdier. Just be sure that if you use cardboard, cut off the tabs.
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    My Project and Such

    Just remember to use Card Stock, and not normal paper. Card Stock will keep it stiffer and make it easier to reinforce later.
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    My Project and Such

    Rushing through it wont make it any easier. The fact of the matter is that these things take much longer than a month to make. A helmet in itself will probably take you only a couple weeks though, from construction to painting. pepakura isnt that bad or time consuming, just tedious. If it is...
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    Ok question

    I dunno about normal paper holding up to resin and fiberglass. I haven't used fiberglass yet.
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    Ok question

    It is more like using cardboard than plain paper. It is solid as long as you don't put an incredible amount of pressure on it. It will hold up to any sort of hardening technique that is on these forums at least.
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    Ok question

    You use card stock. Then you re-inforce the inside with something like hot glue to give it some structure, and after that you can either fiberglass or do any number of things to the outside of it. Im going to test out fiberglassing on my old helmet actually.
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    Conventions! Whose going where?

    I was going to try and finish my MC costume for AX 07, but that didn't happen. I got off track after a week and a half away from it in Hawaii. Im trying to get started on it again.
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    My Mod Podge Creation

    I tried it, and as long as you use alot, ALOT, of hot glue as a ribbing to the plaster, it is decent. I wouldn't recommend it though. it is very heavy, and can cause deformation in the armor.
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    Does anyone have the full MC 3D model?

    $25 per square inch? I doubt Odis would do that to me. They are an art school, and Lutheran High has pretty good relations. As long as I say I will credit them and advertise their services, they will probably drop the price or something. If not that, I can ask the Art Institute (the college I am...
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    Halo CE (Halo Custom Edition)

    Nope, and I couldn't even get the damn thing to work for my PC :evil: