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    Who Lives Near Bremerton?

    I probably live too far away, i live just north of Everett in Marysville, but oddly enough my folks own a house about 400ft from my house and its goign up for rent this March or April, whenever the tenants move out. so if it's not to far away look into it.
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    Flu Season

    Queen, bad ju ju getting the nasal spray of the flu shot, my doc told that its a LIVE VIRUS!!!, thus you have a higher chance of it turning into the flu or something worse(H1N1) recommend any of you who got a flu shot and have the flu go to a walk in clinic and get some blood tests to see if...
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    Eod Completed...really It Is.

    Ithica why do you keep shaming us with your overly epic builds, why.
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    Halo 3: Odst - Pepakura Armor

    UNFOLD OF TORSO HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well after 7 cans of MT Dew & two hours of work that wouldn't be possible thanks to Nightshade(awesome work man)and because I am 74 shades of awesome I give you the letter unfold of the Torso piece...
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    How To Get Into The Odst Pre-Release If You Are Under 17

    Im 18, but if i go in my odst suit for the whole day then the manager of the game crazy in my town said that if let customers take pictures with me and hold a game crazy sign out by the street then he'll give me my copy of O.D.S.T. free of charge and before everyone else. plus i get to take the...
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    O.d.s.t. Undertaking.

    the movie really does explain it all.
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    We will always remember our fallen, and we will always repay the Dead. In honor of those that lost their lives in the September 11th attacks, you will never be forgotten. And for those who have died in retribution of them, you will not be left behind. Honor, Armor, Unity.....Glory to us...
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    Zombie Survival Test.

    yeah this is mine and this isnt a joking one this is my real plan minus about a binder of info on details. [attachment=10118:My_zombi...al_sheet.jpg] mods if anything is out of line,...just....just do your thing. joking one comes next Oh...and yes that is a real vehicle look it up, its called a...
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    I'm Engaged!

    nice job adam, way to grow a pair and get out with. hope the best for you and your new family.
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    First Robotics Thread

    Team 2660 Pengbots, yeah i know the names a little odd but i wasnt in the naming commitee. ive been just an overall problem solver for the team figuring out solutions that they can't figure out and fixing them myself. i did some of the emergency solutions for problems, we barely got ours...
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    Halo Turret

    oh man that looks amazing, can't wait to see the finished product. ive done some machining in the past and nothing ive done has been as cool as that. much luck and hope it turns out good for ya. also hope it doesn't deplete your wallet.
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    Battlefield 2142 Morretti Sr4 Sniper Rifle

    okay i know this is a halo armor and weapon crafting site but i am a member here and nowhere else. i just got finished working through the night and its 5:00 am now and i just finished a high def model of the Battlefield 2142 European Union Morretti SR4 Sniper Rifle, and its a beast. i molded it...
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    Spraynoobs Odst Suit.

    very nice Spraynoob, but i think that the cocking bolt goes up only a little bit and then angles at a 90 to the left if your looking at the back of it, it would stick out less and look cooler. but a very nice design indeed, now all you need to do is incorporate it into an AR build and it will be...
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    very nice, very nice. just started on another hayabusa my self, same model as your agbates letter haya. hope it turns out looking as good as your when im done with bondo.
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    What Do Ya Think?

    nice no scopes. the video quality was pretty good, not high def, but better then taking a video cam and recording a screen. on the editing and other such you should probably choose a different style of text graphic, it was kind of hard to read correctly, i was able to do it pretty easily, but...