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    What You Wearing To The Release Of Odst?

    If I can get my (currently in the planning stages) ODST together by then, I'm going as, of course, an ODST. Other than that, I'm not going because I don't have a 360 yet.
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    Drivers Permit

    Kinda funny this topic should pop up right now - I went in to get my license the other day, but we couldn't find the proof of insurance in the car so I couldn't take the drive test. That would have been fine - we could have just waited until my parents got back from DC and had them find it (My...
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    Illinois Residents

    Aurora area here, and I'd certainly be interested in getting some group projects going.
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    What's A Good Camera?

    I stand corrected... several times. It is still true, however, that a larger sensor has far better performance in low light. :)
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    Let The Madness Begin, Or My Warthog Build.

    I saw your new shots on Flickr, and came over here for the commentary. It looks like you're on the right track, keep up the awesome work!
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    What's A Good Camera?

    Megapixel rating isn't nearly as important as the physical size of the image sensor. For example, my Nikon D40 is 6 megapixels while my Dad's little point and shoot is 12... but my d40 undeniably takes better pictures. I'm not saying you should buy a DSLR, but that you need to look at more than...
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    Props Halo 3 Odst Magnum 3d Model Wip

    Hijacking and saying "hey someone else did this too" are not the same thing. Thanks for making a mountain out of a molehill.
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    Props Halo 3 Odst Magnum 3d Model Wip

    Looks good so far, but as usual Belakor's beating everyone to the punch. :p
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    Props M6c/socom Magnum

    Probably something like this.
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    Props Halo 3 Pelican (w.i.p)

    It sucks, try again. </epicsarcasm>
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    ODST And Recon Helmets

    It's not just you, but it probably is just distortion. These are looking amazing, by the way. :p
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    Props Odst Pod Wip

    Quicktime VR from Bnet: