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    Props Leekegan Smg Odst

    That is just incredible sir. I'm glad I got a chance to talk to you online. Do you have a site where you sell these on?
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    Halo ODST Dutch Helmet

    Inside the Helmet: [/IMG]
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    Halo ODST Dutch Helmet

    Almost done, have to add in some internal fans, possibly some lights, but for the most part I think im done.
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    How smelly is it really?

    It may take up to a week to fully air-out your room, and yes your neighbors may smell the fumes depending on how close they live to you.
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    Lieutenant Commander Catherine-B320 - AceNat's build PIC HEAVY

    Incredible work! Can't wait to see the finished product!
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    Halo ODST Dutch Helmet

    Yesterday: [/IMG]
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    Halo ODST Dutch Helmet

    Here's the rest:
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    Halo ODST Dutch Helmet

    So to begin with...WOW.. Ive done a lot of work in the last week, and its showing. Not only did I finish sanding it, but I also cut out the visor, cut out the vents, dremeled a few rough spots, started work on the visor itself, painted the base coat on the helmet, and filled in some extra holes...
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    Halo ODST

    I wouldn't mind helping, V Guy FawkesV
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    Dutch ODST

    Wow, amazing work! I'm at about the same stage as you right now with my own Dutch Helmet. I just sanded it down for the first time today, and plan on filling and sanding again tomorrow. It's kinds cool seeing how these should look from other perspectives. I have a lot planned for my helmet, but...
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    Halo ODST Dutch Helmet

    Okay, so now I've filled some spots and sanded a good portion of it. I'll probably refill a few spots and sand it again tomorrow. I'll post so more pictures soon. It's looking pretty good.
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    odst armor

    Not a problem. Well I wish you good luck, and would also like to thank you for serving, I have many friends who are in multiple services, so I understand and appreciate all that you guys do.
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    odst armor

    I'm doing the same thing. What you need to do is find some pepakura files. There's tons of links on here, and even more than that you have tons of people with hundreds of blogs about their own armor. It takes a bit of work to get it all started, but I'm sure you'll do just fine.