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    Phatjax's completed helmet

    I just finished up building my pep armor. Started some resin work but I'm VERY new to resin/fiberglass/bondo - I'm about 2 hrs away from you Jax. Care to give me a few pointers? Maybe even come up to DC one weekend?
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    Official pepakura scaling thread

    Wow - thats 24.6? Well in that case I may just leave mine where it is. Maybe once I get it to sit on my head right it will look OK. I think it would look worse if it were too small.
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    Official pepakura scaling thread

    OK I just finished most of my parts. I used very different scales and made many adjustments along the way (i'm short and have a strange shaped body lol (little chubby as well). The problem I've run into is this. Most of my items were scaled between 25-27 (the chest was at 27 which worked great...
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    Anyone wearing their suit to school or for haloween?

    I'll be wearing mine out to the bars in DC on Halloween.... I don't think i'm even going to make the belt part.. I'd be hard pressed to shake my ass in it lol
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    DF4L's Downloads

    where did you get the kevlar gloves?
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    I'm a bit curious about this as well. I'd assume one could resin/fiber glass over them.
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    dry brushing silver is that what is on youtube? They use a hammered silver right?
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    Smilie you'll be a noob until all those 0% turn to 100's ;) :lol:
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    To be honest - a site such as this could have a moderator to screen starting least in the sections devoted to specific armor instruction. Think that would work better?
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    Then I suggest someone swing the idea through our God - Adam, to see what he can do to make it happen :)
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    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(Vexona @ Oct 11 2007, 02:40 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}></div><div class='quotemain'>Well some people use dark paints or you can actually use a spray primer. Spray primers come in black, gray, etc. I used a gray Krylon primer because it's pretty chemical neutral and makes a...
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    You mean as a primer color?
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    Being the owner of a few of my own forums - you can set the rules for "noobs" so that until they have X number of posts they can not create new topics. This would force them to either read or post in ongoing discussions. This would also eliminate the members posting as their first, second, and...
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    Metal Pepakura

    Im with Sean on this one. You have no idea how difficult and almost pointless this would be. There is a reason cars aren't made out of metal any
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    finished 1 bicep, and both forearms...

    Why even make a post to just say ..."I finished a few pieces. I'll post pics later." :rolleyes