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    Props Needler Multimedia Arduino-Driven Animated Airsoft Prop (Everything the Neca Needler Could Have Been)

    Man I've been away for a long time! I didn't even know you made a plasma pistol! Always love your work bud and looking forward to seeing the progress on this as well!
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    Simple Helmet Speaker System

    Nice and simple, yet very effective. Great tutorial!
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    First EVA foam Build

    I'm diggin' this. Great work!
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    SRS 99-S5 Sniper Rifle Build-EDIT

    Great work on this!!
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    Sandbagger's Iron Man builds - Now in STEEL.

    Absolutely fantastic mate! From the looks on the kids faces it seems you guys and gals definitely made their day. Please keep sharing any other events you attend if you're able to.
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    vshore100's CQB build (pic heavy)

    Yep it's been a while! Thanks very much for the kind comments! :)
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    3D Printed Halo Forward unto Dawn Master Chief Helmet (Pic Heavy)

    Unfortunately the file is not being distributed.
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    Southern Regiment Emergency Election Nominations

    I nominate Robert Letts, aka Asgardian Hammer for Southern Regiment RCO.
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    vshore100's CQB build (pic heavy)

    Thanks very much! It was a fun experience and I learned a ton. The suit has since sold and I will be making plans to build a new suit in the near future!
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    Soft Parts MarkVII undersuit attempt (WIP with pictures)

    This looks fantastic! I'd say just keep going in this thread since it after all you who started it. Good to see you back at it!
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    ODST Build (Sean Bradley Armor) -Dragon Con-

    Sean Bradley has been a staple of this community for many years now. Feel confident when wearing that armor and knowing that you have the best. When it comes to ODST, Sean IS the standard. Great work Ghost8617!
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    Sandbagger's Iron Man builds - Now in STEEL.

    Still love seeing each update you post SB. Looking forward to seeing this repulsor idea take shape!
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    vshore100's TFA X-Wing Pilot Helmet

    Thanks very much! The files are not for sale but you can buy a kit here if you'd like.
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    From Scratch Destiny Titan Spektar Build

    You could contact him here and explain the situation since you can't get ahold of him there. It's worth a shot.
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    From Scratch Destiny Titan Spektar Build

    You can contact Art Andrews. He is one of the staff in charge of the 405th and the RPF.