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    Robogenisis's Armor Build

    just skimmed all four pages, ill be watching this for sure
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    Se7enheads' Cqb

    thats some very fine work :thumbup:
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    Armor For My Dog

    so figuring out stuff in my head, im probably gonna use a cardboard base and once i have the design base to fit around him, im gonna add foam to the bottom and then wrap with cloth around the edges so to him its just a like wearing a vest or something but really, its freaking sweet armor to make...
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    Se7enheads' Recon Helmet

    that looks reallly good, cheers to the work
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    Bevbor's C Q B

    that looks wonderful
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    Arcticoblivion's Hd Mkvi Progress

    If you feel that the 26.5cm is too small and the 30cm is too big... maybe you could settle in the middle of around 28.5cm? it would help, b/c don't forget to consider that you might want some additional room for padding or anything if you consider it
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    Armor For My Dog

    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(just me(no one else) @ Sep 22 2008, 10:38 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}></div><div class='quotemain'>that was not my question-i mean, your dog might not like you putting armor on him/her. (and i was kidding about havin your ass) JustMe</div> ya I know you were kidding :D...
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    Armor For My Dog

    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(just me(no one else) @ Sep 22 2008, 04:04 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}></div><div class='quotemain'>Bah! Do it, but watch that you don't hurt yer dog-CUZ IF YA DO I WILL BE GETTING YER ASS!!!!!!! (btw how are you planning for the armor to stay on your dog?problem...
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    Armor For My Dog

    hahahhahhahahahha :lol: spartan cats sounds like a fun time, i'll keep everyone updated for sure, the best way to keep any update on me actually working on dog armor would be to keep an eye out on my armor project and when its done, I'll be start on my dog's pieces, I just may start earlier...
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    My Armor Project - Master Chief Armor - Updated Sept. 22, 2008

    Another progress update: My Dad and I started the Bondo process, this is where it sits right now, letting it cure over night to make sure its golden hard for tomorrow's fun day of sanding... You'll more than likely see tomorrow some added Bondo on certain parts to bulk it up so i can add some...
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    Armor For My Dog

    Yea, 1st in mind most definitely is gonna be keeping the dog cool while being able to wear the pieces, I'll have to make a note to draw a design of what i would like to do for the dog, and i most likely wont put any full boots on, maybe just covers.. 2nd important thing is comfort and...
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    Se7enheads' Cqb

    looks like your off to a really good start there def have more sanding to be done but real good
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    What kind of car do you drive?

    2001 VW Golf 1.8t (around 7000 of the 1.8t golfs made between 2000 and 2001) lots of stuff done to it too ecu upgraded with a 1bar program, APR turbo inlet hose, Forge 007 stealth diverter valve, VDO boost gauge, jetta front end conversion, painted rubstrips, jetta 4motion front valence...
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    Armor For My Dog

    hahahha grunt dog would be awesome!!! ill think about it :lol: i personally was gonna more of a marine K9 dog b/c i put my helmet on him and he just shoved it right off so i know i cant do any mask on him :( ya man, get that pic up, any ideas or pics will help, b/c im really feeling a...
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    Armor For My Dog

    yea man, i wanna talk about this, its not something im just gonna jump into now, but this is good... the first pictures is pretty boss, but i doubt i'll make a helmet, b/c i know he wouldnt like that so it'd probably have to be more body and legs on him kind of like the 2nd picture as far as...