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    gundam 00 exia

    So far so good on the Exia head! The only reason i stay away from posing as gundams ore making any armor like this is because they do not have natural proportions. Their torso's are too short, waist too slim, and their legs are too long. I have, however, seen some good Zaku II costumes. None...
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    mjolnir VI - my first armor - (WIP)

    With all the misfortunes you have had with materials, i'd say you are making darn good progress. Keep it up! Ill be watching. And by the way, the hotbox idea was fantastic. I wouldnt have thought about that!
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    Reach foam armor and Pilot helmet wip

    I have a question about the EVA Foam. How do you glue the pieces together? And when you glue them together, is the bond very strong? And fyi, your foam suit looks great!! Once you get a proper undersuit your armor will be seriously legit!
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    Reach Armor EVA Foam Build

    Nice, i didnt know you where on 405th as well as Deviant Art! Ive been watching your build from DA. Your build is starting to come together nicely! Have you tried any of the plastidip yet?
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    Halo Reach C.Q.B. Build (Thank you Bungie!!!)

    Keep up the good work, Crazy Ey3z! I am actually working on a CQB helmet myself. I pep'd one that was way too large on accident, so now i have rescaled it to what should be the right size. Any updates to the helmet since your last post?