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    Finished Fallout New Vegas Suit

    everything looks awesome ithica! haha seeing your videos on youtube is what got me into prop making! -Jacoby
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    My Halo Reach mp armor scratchbuild

    wow this is really awesome! haha i did a quick iron man in cardboard and it fell apart because i didnt rondo it:(( but i cant wait to see this done!!
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    mjolnir VI - my first armor - (WIP)

    ooooh im excited for the AR armor looks great too man.
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    weapon support

    put a couple layers of resin on the outside then mix up some rondo and carefully pour it into the gun. youre going to have to do this in layers to prevent warping. it hardens up really nicely
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    Reach Build

    this looks awesome. im glad to see somebody using something other than pep.
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    Reach Wip amazing....:D
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    AngusX85's first WIP post. MKVI

    beautiful stuff man! im really loving the color
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    Building Mk VI Armor for my 9 year old!!!

    nice beautiful, cleeaaaan pep work ha the best kind.
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    vapir's noble build W.I.P.

    ahh im excited to see this progress!
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    Master Chief Mark IV build - first build

    there is an art to undersuit making!:D
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    vapir's noble build W.I.P.

    i realllly like your attention to detail! Way to go : D
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    First Halo Armor(Mk-Vi HD)(Pics Heavy)By:DuskuLL

    looking great! looks like you really didnt need support pieces . its pretty even looking!:)
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    New here! + The Dark Knight pepakura WIP

    ooooh! i cant wait for these files!:D thanks good sir
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    40K Space Marine - Scratch Build

    WOW i love this scratch build :) way to go.!