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    Now it's our turn to do something amazing......

    this is awesome, good job guys will def be following this thread. wish i could help maybe when i get paid next ill donate
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    my emile foam thread (really pic heavy!!!)

    dirty armor bro, once i finish my courrent project my next one will be to make a suit of Emiles armor out of sheet steel
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    Metal Suit of Armor

    that must have been quite a sight but thanks for the story. yeah i was planning on using lighter gauge for the helm anyways and tougher stuff in the chestpiece
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    Metal Suit of Armor

    allright thanks, the 18g will probably do just fine, i was only planning on using 14g in like one spot but i can probably eliminate it
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    Metal Suit of Armor

    thanks for the tips, and glad that you're excited about it unfortunatley i have been sick the past two days which means i avent been working on the suit but hopefully this bug i have will pass and i can get back to doing that
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    Metal Suit of Armor

    sweet armor dude, I should be able to do all the metalforming as my job is a metalworker
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    Goosebot's SPARTAN - III

    pretty sweet grill dude naw jk nice armor
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    A build diary. Halo Reach - Emile armour.

    looking good cant wait to see it all
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    Metal Suit of Armor

    ill probably have the shield all polished up and the arm brackets on tomorrow ill see if i can use the camera at work
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    Metal Suit of Armor

    I am using sheet steel (mild, cold rolled) that i ordered from a small shop, unfortunatley this guy is backed up with orders right now so it might be a while ( like a weekish) unstil i get my sheet, and i am going to be using a variety of gauges from 22-14, but i am also using scraps mainly for...
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    Metal Suit of Armor

    i am using TIG
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    Metal Suit of Armor

    yeah my steel is backordered so right now i am just working on the shield and collection of random parts, when my camera is up and running again ill share some pics
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    My Army of Two Mask WIP

    Pretty sweet dude, if you ever wanted one in metal let me know i could get one cast up for you in pretty much any metal you wanted
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    Metal Suit of Armor

    that actualy could be feasable beacuse i know some people through my work that can stitch kevlar