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  • hey, what are u doing?
    answer me!
    ah, do you know what kind of material is the fibreglassing?
    hi there,how're u?
    no, i'm junior student of "Thach That" high school,so i can't start building it now.
    but. i'm a fan of halo,so i'm going to build my own one.
    here is my yahoonick: Getout_9x@yahoo.com
    for more information, contact this nickname.
    and i usually online on Monday's afternoon and Saturday's afternoon
    oh, sory about it.
    i'venot in internet for weeks.
    in my country, we also celebrate halloween, but my village doesn't
    hi there, i'm from vietnam. could i make friend with you?
    and my english is not very well. so, plz don't care about it.
    if u don't want to make friend, help me to improve my english
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