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    Props Halo MA-5B (CB-88 Chrono Blaster) Circuit Board/Mosfet Failure

    Ok, finally got a Chrono Blaster but had the ever common circuit board crit-fail; started firing non-stop auto and before I got the battery out the, mosfet unsoldered itself. After reading all the forums and watching Redshirt’s video, I ended up trying to repair it with an upgraded IRFZ48N...
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    Props Product Review: Airsoft Halo MA-5B Assault Rifle (Evike CB-88 Chrono Blaster)

    New to the forum and just signed up because of this thread (although I am looking forward to exploring the others). I have wanted one of these for YEARS and finally tracked one down randomly on Craigslist about 30 minutes away from me for a ridiculously low price (I've either built up some real...